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Offers online services



My name is Alan, I'm a college graduate that works as a full time Senior Accountant during the day.

Learning and teaching has always been a passion of mine. I graduated with a full high school diploma at the age of 15, and went straight into college as a full time student. I graduated with a degree in Finance. I have run student-led teaching courses under the Montana State school board. I have tutored for many years now and would love to work with you or your son/daughter.

If you want to get them the best edge they can get, or if you, yourself want to learn in the most efficient way possible. You came to the right place.

I don't just focus on teaching the subject, but on how my students learn. Learning how to learn is how I progressed so quickly in my studies as a child, and I am well trained to adapt my teaching style, to my students as well.

My strongest subjects for teaching are: Finance/Derivatives, Algebra 1 & 2 (including College level), Probability and Statistics, Geometry, and Pre-calc. Plus of course accounting as it is my main industry.

I love working with children, and with adults that just want to learn that subject they never got too.

In my spare time I visit troubled teen programs and help them with their studies, and with their counseling progression. I have taught it all and seen it all.

I really enjoy showing my students that math isn't that hard, it's just about finding a process that works for you. Think of math like a muscle. The more you work out that part of your brain, the stronger it gets to learn other mathmatical subjects as well!


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Wonderful teacher!
Took his time in teaching me, created a great lesson plan. He made sure that all of my goals were incorporated into the overall plan.
I really needed to learn more math and accounting for my small business start up. Alan took the time to teach both at a wonderful pace. He even designed practice problems that stitched together both subjects. Now I feel more confident then ever to keep track of my own numbers!
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July 16, 2019

Frequently asked questions

1. Hear their goals:

What do you want to accomplish? What is the purpose of you seeking tutoring? Where do you want to be, and how fast do you want to get there? Where will they be using their new found skills? Can I create practice problems that encompass your learning objectives?

2. Learn their learning style:

What has worried you about the subject before? What has turned you off from learning it in the past? What concepts are most challenging for you? Do you learn better from visual problems? audible problems? hands on learning? or a combination?

3. Setting up a lesson plan:

Setting up a goal orientated lesson plan, that you can see your own progress as you move forward and learn. You set the pace, the subject, the goals, and the learning style.

4. Practice, practice, practice:

I find and create the best set of practice problems for you, unless of course you just need help with your class/homework. Each session we will review what you did on your own, what challenged you, and what we can work on in the future

5. Questions!

I am always available for questions, any of my students are free to email me at any time of the day, it could be 11PM or even 4 o clock in the morning (although you may not always get answers within the first 5 minutes if it's 4AM).

6. Ending the tutoring:

Tutoring isn't forever, my system is goal orientated. I will not add sessions that you do not need, and I will not create new goals for you unless you ask me too. I want you to learn exactly what you want to learn and nothing more. I will never elongate the time needed for tutoring thus saving you money! Of course I'm never opposed if you decide to come back on your own.

A note to parents:

I have had the opportunity to work with many kinds of students, from ones struggling in classes, ones just wanting to get ahead, to ones that absolutely do not want to learn (this includes ones with "behavior" limitations, not just in the classroom). I love working with all of them. Each new student is a bright individual with a shot at a wonderful future. That is how I view all of my students without exception. Dont be afraid to reach out.

I work as a full time Senior accountant and financial analyst. I work with advanced financial modeling and accounting methods on a daily basis. I get to work with all of the different math's, that I'm able to teach, everyday. 

I offer flexible pricing depending on your learning objectives. Some of the more intensive subjects require a little bit of extra studying on my end to make lesson plans. 

My senior project in high school, was student-led high school classes for actual credit. I started a program backed by the Montana state school board, that allowed me to teach several classes for not only credit in the class, but also towards my senior credit required to graduate. It spurred a passion for teaching, and also gave me some much needed practice. Teaching is a skill after all.

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