How much does Huntington Learning Center cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does Huntington Learning Center cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does Huntington Learning Center cost?

$40 – $75cost per hour
$1,200 per subject14 hours of ACT and SAT test prep
$2,600 per subject32 hours of ACT and SAT test prep

After your initial assessment fee of $150-200, personalized academic tutoring at Huntington costs around $40-75 per hour. For ACT and SAT Prep, prices are $1,220/subject for 14 hours, and $2,645 for 32 hours of tutoring.

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$40 – $75 cost per hour

$1,200 per subject 14 hours of ACT and SAT test prep

$2,600 per subject 32 hours of ACT and SAT test prep

After your initial assessment fee of $150-200, personalized academic tutoring at Huntington costs around $40-75 per hour. For ACT and SAT Prep, prices are $1,220/subject for 14 hours, and $2,645 for 32 hours of tutoring.

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Huntington Learning Center Cost

Huntington Learning Center costs $40 to $75+ per hour for private tutoring sessions in reading, math, study skills, writing, phonics, and vocabulary. Huntington SAT and ACT prep costs $1,220 per subject for 14 hours of tutoring and $2,645 per subject for 32 hours of tutoring.

Huntington Learning Center cost
Tutoring Type Costs
Initial assessment fee $150 – $200
Personalized academic tutoring $40 – $75 per hour
ACT or SAT test prep (14-hours) $1,220 per subject
SAT or ACT test prep (32-hours) $2,645 per subject

After the students take their specialized assessment, payment is discussed, keeping in mind budget as well as the duration the student will need tutoring services for. Service rates may vary per location.

With the average number of hours for personalized tutoring at 150–200 hours, parents may need to finance a portion of the tutoring cost. At Huntington, there are several payment options as well as special financing available to make sure that the students get the attention they need, and parents feel comfortable knowing that tutoring can be affordable and accessible to their family.

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Background on Huntington

Huntington Learning Center is a highly respected tutoring service that can help students in several different subjects and also help with college test prep.

Huntington Learning Center is a franchise of academic learning centers founded in 1977 by Dr. Ray and Eileen Huntington. The oldest onsite tutoring service in the US, the Huntington's opened their second center in 1978 and started their franchise program in 1985.

Huntington Learning Center
Huntington Learning Center

Today Huntington Learning Centers tutor phonics, vocabulary, reading, study skills, and writing; elementary and high school math; science; and test prep for the ACT, SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, GED, and more.

Does your child need tutoring?

There are several things that parents should pay attention to when it comes to their child’s academic success. Many children may not be able to articulate when they need help with certain subjects like math, reading and English. So why do tutoring at a learning center?

They lack understanding

Children can feel confused and embarrassed if they are falling behind the rest of the class. Their inability to understand what they are being taught causes them to quit trying. They can be in danger of not passing the grade and be kept back.

They are embarrassed about asking for help

They may be afraid to ask for help from teachers, peers, and their parents. This is why it’s very important to visit with teachers during parent-teacher conferences—to get their honest opinions on how your child is performing in the classroom.

They act out

When experiencing academic hardships, some students may become disruptive or act out in class when they don’t understand the material, or they may go the opposite way and become withdrawn. Sometimes bullying or a change of schools can cause them to lose their academic focus.

They lack self-confidence

They may feel like they aren’t smart enough, and this can take a toll on a child’s self-esteem. This is where a tutor can help, because they are trained to recognize where a child is struggling most and figure out how best to help him/her improve.

Your schedule means you can’t help

Much as you want to, you can’t help after school because of your work schedule. Or you can only remember so much math and science before it’s over your head.

Tutors usually have special areas of expertise, which can be very beneficial when it comes to giving their time and attention to students who need it most. Tutors make it possible for students to excel, even if they have special needs, and most parents will find that seeking out a tutor is an essential part of their child’s academic success.

Why the Huntington Learning Center?

Huntington uses highly specialized assessments to initially see where a student’s strengths and weaknesses are. Based on these results, a customized tutoring plan is created to best fit the student’s needs, and parents are asked to participate throughout the process to make sure that their child receives the support and encouragement at home that he or she will need to successfully complete the tutoring journey.

*Huntington has a reputation for increasing retention, so that students excel in their current grade and go on to advance and feel prepared for the next academic year. Huntington Learning Center has been researched by the Chicago Public Schools, The Los Angeles Unified School District, the Indiana Department of Education, and others, and has been rated as the best tutoring service with a very high success rate.

Custom plans

The tailor-made approach that Huntington uses to create services for their students is what sets them apart from so many other academic tutoring services. Their onboarding assessment highlights your child’s learning weaknesses and they create a custom-built learning plan to bring them up to grade level and beyond.

Regular interaction

Students are immersed in a program that meets twice a week during the school year, and more often in the summer—to keep course materials fresh in students’ minds throughout the year. Most high school students see a big leap in their ACT and SAT practice scores over the year.

Huntington tutors work with your child’s teachers

Another approach that Huntington uses to build a connection with students is to reach out to their teachers, with permission, to keep them updated with progress. They link the two to keep parents aware of what their student is working on with regard to his/her specific needs. This helps to create a feeling of synergy, so that the child can be as successful in the school classroom as they are in their tutoring program.

Learning disabilities

For students with ADHD or other diagnosed learning disabilities, Huntington tutors can also create an enriching learning experience that addresses the student’s specific needs.

Tutors’ credentials

The tutors at Huntington have four-year college degrees, plus a certification in tutoring from Huntington or other fully-accredited programs.

Student results

Based on a Huntington study, after three months of tutoring with Huntington, students gain

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  • 2+ grade levels in reading and math,

  • an ACT point increase of 5.3+, and

  • an SAT point increase of 226+.

Huntington Case Study

“Analyses of the performance on standardized tests by students who participated in the Huntington Learning Center tutoring programs found a positive relationship between completion of 50 hours of tutoring and increased academic proficiency. Across three subject areas: reading comprehension, vocabulary, and mathematics, approximately three-quarters of students ... achieved gains in proficiency after 50 hours of tutoring, and two-thirds achieved at least two NCEs of growth, ... the changes were substantial – +0.52 in reading comprehension, +0.43 in vocabulary, and +0.44 in mathematics.” — From Huntington

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Huntington Hours

Huntington is open after school as well as during the summer so that students can continue to build on their academic success and be better prepared in between the previous and upcoming academic year. Each franchise location has different hours of operation, but they are designed to work with students’ available hours outside of the school day. Many stay open until 8 or 8:30 p.m. on weekdays.

Is Huntington the right fit for my child?

If you decide to hire a professional tutoring company like Huntington to tutor your child rather than hiring a private tutor, there are some things you might want to keep in mind before you make a final decision:

  • Ask around to see if other parents and teachers are familiar with and can recommend Huntington

  • If costs seem competitive with other learning centers’ prices, compare results on a variety of review sites.

  • Make sure that all costs are discussed upfront (including assessment charges) so there won’t be any surprises before committing to a full tutoring program.

Finding the right tutor for your children should include a thorough vetting process whether you choose a private tutor or a specific company so they can achieve the best results possible.

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