Abhi ( GRE/SATs/Math I,II,III , Advance Mathematics)

Abhi ( GRE/SATs/Math I,II,III , Advance Mathematics)

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Well, I am really passionate about numbers. I hold a Masters in Engineering from the University of Wisconsin Madison and Bachelors in the same from NIFFT.

During my time at UW Madison, I taught over 300 Freshman and sophomores Mathematics and basic chemistry for almost 2 years.

I consistently ranked among the top 5% senior TAs in my department with an average score of AB in all of my discussion sessions. I often use innovative learning & memory solutions to make the process much more resilient and fun for my student.

The sense of fulfillment I get when a child smiles up to me after cracking a difficult problem.

A fast-paced engineering career can often get exhausting, tutoring sessions help me reconnect with my creative student self and create an immersive experience for both me and my student.

Personally I love explaining students different ways to approach the similar problems and breaking down difficult concepts to elementary level.


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Offers online services

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My experience has been nothing short of amazing with Abhi. He was genuinely nice and patient about many of my pet peeves when it comes to algebra.
He has a knack of making math eerily close to storytelling which really helps me remember the methods we used to solve important textbook Questions.
Algebra definitely has gotten more tolerable thanks to Abhi
Cheers ))
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June 03, 2020

Frequently asked questions

The process typically starts with checking the past work and basic topic-related knowledge of the students.

I offer Audio-visual tutoring in a virtual classroom where the student feels comfortable physically scribbling out problems on-screen paper and I can oversee it. 

Depending on the Topic and the existing proficiency level of the student my charges range from $ 18/Hr - $35/Hr

I prefer using blackboard app or zoom but depending on the comfort of students I have worked with other virtual classrooms too if their school uses an existing solution I would be open to considering migrating to it depending on the length of the assignment. 

I have worked with High school students, College Freshmen and sophomores. 

I also often assist students int heir SAT, GRE preparation.  I gave my GRE in 2016 and was able to score among the top 2% candidates in the world and I would be happy to share my strategies with other students. 

I have worked with students from the US, Canada and Singapore. 

I fondly remember the problem-solving sessions I used to have with my students at UW Madison, It used to give me space and time to personally connect with my students and incorporate different strategies in my teaching method to better reflect each session's feedback 

Its important that you can talk and express yourself candidly to the teacher. 

Different tutors have different teaching methods depending on their experience and background make sure you fit in well. 

I like to keep the session as easy flowing as possible 

Properly list out your pain points and anything that is hindering your progress off the top of your head. 

How can I be of help in resolving that are what level of proficiency are you targetting. 

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