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Offer 1-on-1 or group tutoring for students of all ages, specilizing in Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Conversation based sessions that are tailored to each individual.

Mission Statement: To help students make the connections needed to fully understand topics and think critically

Experience: I have trained as a tutor at NC State University and have tutored Chemistry, Physics, and Math on a collegiate and high school level.

For students, the stress relief of finally "getting it" is a great moment. I enjoy helping people have that sense of mastering a concept.


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4 years in business
Serves Raleigh , NC

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Get to know the student's academic needs and goals, and favorite methods of learning. Then create a plan together that best fits the individual.

NC State Tutoring Certification

Standard: $20 per hour, or weekly rates are negotiable

Test prep: $40 per hour, or weekly rates are negotiable

While I was in college, I began tutoring other students in the NC State College of Engineering.

High School and College Students

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