Communication Journey

Communication Journey

Offers online services
Offers online services


Professional Soeech-Language Pathologist, writer, poet, artist with over 25 years of experience in many different places. My services can often include entire families. I addition to Speech Pathology I offer coaching and a wide array of tutoring and support services to help clients reach their potential, goals and dreams.

I love people and I love coaching them to their success.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

After interviewing and getting to know the client and their family when appropriate, I provide an in-depth assessment. The results of the assessment are reviewed and used to create goals and a program to success. The goals incorporate everything the person hopes to achieve from the beginning to the culmination of the experience. 

I hold a BS, MS degrees as well as numerous certifications. Additionally I am a member of the American Speech Language Association and licensed SLP in Florida. 

Length of meetings are based on age and level of attention. $50 per session is an average rate. If a commitment is made for 3 months there is a cost reduction. Additional family members also can be discussed for rate reduction. 

When I was in high school I did an internship with a Soeech-Language Pathologist that heavily influenced the trajectory of my professional life. 

I work with all students from young to old. I specialize with students who have special needs such as: autism spectrum disorders, genetic disorders, learning disabilities, speech disorders, voice disorders, auditory processing disorders, special education, social pragmatic disorders, English as a second language, to name a few. 

A young lady I was working with in the 7th grade was unable to find motivation to stick to her studies and focus on her lessons. We added a running program to her intervention plan. This was her key. She is now on her school track team and track is her purpose to succeed. She no longer misses or misplaced assignments. She is happier, more focused and able to articulate her hopes, dreams and goals. Sometimes you have to jump out of the box to find the key to success. 

Developing a rapport is important. If after 3-5 meetings you do not look forward to your sessions, or do not understand the purpose of the sessions you would be wise to discuss what is missing. We don’t click with everyone but we should benefit from the engagement. You must feel comfortable, challenged at the right level, have a clear sense of the short range and long range goals and the belief that you are in good hands. Trust is a two way street that develops over time and it is supported by a healthy foundation. Be sure to do your part by being on time, do the assignments , ask questions and clarifications and never hesitate if something doesn’t feel right to speak up. You are too important to waste your time. 

Think about the obstacles that are the big monsters such as: fear, procrastination, half-hearted efforts, waiting until the final moment, resisting the process. Self reflection isn’t always easy, sometimes it takes someone asking you the right questions. Ask many questions. It will lead you to the better questions that lead to success!

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