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Offers online services


I am a Writing Advisor at a Los Angeles Liberal Arts College, where I take courses on the best tutoring strategies for writing and rhetoric and use these ideas in my bi-weekly 2 hour shifts. Many of these strategies apply to general tutoring and have prepared me to handle a multitude of disciplines as well as allowed me to understand the importance of having a good relationship with the student. Additionally, both of the languages I am fluent in (Spanish and French) I learned by living in complete immersion. Because of this, I believe a mixture of casual immersive conversations and grammar lessons is the most efficient, and fun, way to learn a language!

Tutoring is a great joy in my life. When I work with students in my college's Writing Center I feel greatly energized and curious about the topics that I examine in each of my 30-minute sessions. Tutoring allows me to be, even momentarily, a positive presence in someone's life. During a session, I try to laugh as much as possible in order to establish a comfortable discourse between me and the student. This allows me to better understand the student's needs and how I can change my tutoring to fit their intellectual goals.


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Offers online services

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In working with a new student, I hope to firstly establish a comfortable and joyous learning environment. I like to get to know the student a little bit, understand how they feel about the situation generally, and once we discuss their personal goals I try to accommodate my tutoring strategies to fit the student's educational needs. Overall, I wish to stress a positive presence and to show the student that they are not alone in this difficult time of transitional learning. 

Since the Fall of 2019, I have been a Writing Center advisor at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA. In conjunction with my weekly shifts working one-on-one with students, I also take a weekly course on different tutoring styles and techniques. These techniques can be carried over to facilitate tutoring across disciplines, and I strive to incorporate many of these ideas into my own praxis. Secondly, I was a member of a California tutors association during my high school years and was able to work with students in middle and high school on a variety of topics and assignments.

I began tutoring because of a recommendation on the part of a professor that works in the Writing and Rhetoric Department at my school. With this recommendation, I was able to be hired as a tutor at the Occidental College Writing Center where I learned to foster a welcoming and inclusive learning environment. 

I have worked with students across age groups, but primarily with high school and college students. 

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