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Offers online services
Offers online services


My service stands out for 3 reasons:

1) I have a great deal of patience, if I have a student that isn’t understanding a concept, I will work with them until they do.

2) My specialty is not only math, but in what I call ‘story telling’. That is – I have a way of referencing a topic in math to something that my students already know. It’s in that connection that I see my students understanding things that they didn’t understand before.

3) I have a section of my website that is devoted to my students. This section includes videos of what ever they need a little extra help with. If I have a student that at the end of the hour is still struggling with adding fractions – for example, I will make a video for them to watch as many or as few times as they like.

I enjoy most when my students understand something that they didn’t understand the day before.


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Offers online services

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  • A set of videos on factoring
  • A set of videos on radicals
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    Professor Stu was great!
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    November 30, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    Here is my typical process:

    1) I will meet with the students (and parents) via Zoom just to introduce ourselves, and discuss your goals. Whether it's to improve grades, pass a test, or just to get through a class. 

    2) Then we will meet again to discuss where the student is, and the topics that you would like to discuss.

    3) Then we will begin the actual tutoring classes.

    4) I will post videos that I think the student will find helpful on my tutoring site.

    I have a degree in economics, and I have always had a knack for both math, and explaining things to people (usually using many examples) so that they truly understand it.


    I've been tutoring for a few years, but I do believe that it is my job as a person to teach all I can, all I can.

    I have worked will all types of students, from grade school students to grad school students.

    I recently had a student that 'hated math' go from a failing grade to a 'B' in one semester. I like to think that I had a small part in that.

    You have to be specific in your needs. Not only what your needs are over a period of time, but you need to have your tutor know what your needs are for that session (that hour). You and your tutor need to be answer, 'by the end of this hour we want the student to understand <insert math topic(s)>.

    What is it that I really don't understand, is it a big concept, or just a little piece? 

    Am I sure that I understand all I need to about a particular topic?

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    Test Prep Tutoring