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Our mission is to provide exceptional, in-person tutoring services that are both affordable and tailored to each student's individual needs. We pride ourselves on offering customized, personalized learning experiences that fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

With our flexible approach, we're ready to adapt to your family's timetable and start tutoring immediately. As an added bonus, we offer the first session for free, giving you and your child the opportunity to experience our unique teaching style without any commitment.

At Magellan Tutoring we believe that every student deserves the chance to reach their full potential. That's why our dedicated and experienced tutors create customized lesson plans to target each student's specific strengths and weaknesses, ensuring a truly personalized learning experience.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to give your child the academic support they need to excel. Contact us today to take advantage of our affordable pricing, in-person tutoring, and flexible scheduling. Together, we'll help your child unlock their full potential and achieve their academic goals.


55 employees
12 years in business
Serves Arlington , VA

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Pre-kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, High school, College / graduate school, Adult learner

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General arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Statistics

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    vanessa T.

    Finding the right tutor can be tough, but Mike Sisons tutoring services was better than expected. His customer service was fantastic, making us feel heard and understood. The tutoring itself was engaging and really resonated, turning learning into an enjoyable experience. Most importantly, we saw a genuine improvement in grades, a testament to the effective teaching approach.
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    January 25, 2024

    Frequently asked questions

    We begin by understanding each student's unique needs and learning style. Our process includes: Initial Consultation: A brief meeting or call with the student and their parents to discuss academic goals, challenges, and preferences. Assessment: If needed, we conduct a preliminary assessment to gauge the student's current academic standing and identify specific areas for improvement. Customized Learning Plan: Based on the initial consultation and assessment, we create a tailored tutoring plan that aligns with the student's learning style and objectives. Matching with the Right Tutor: We pair the student with a tutor who has expertise in the relevant subject area and a teaching style that complements the student's learning preferences. Regular Sessions and Feedback: Tutoring sessions are scheduled at convenient times, with ongoing feedback provided to students and parents to track progress. Adjustments as Needed: We continually assess the student's progress and adjust the tutoring approach as necessary to ensure optimal learning outcomes. Our goal is to make each student's learning experience effective, engaging, and tailored to their individual needs.
    We pride ourselves on having a team of highly qualified and experienced tutors. Here’s an overview of the education and training that our tutors possess: Academic Qualifications: All our tutors hold at least a bachelor’s degree in their respective subject areas, with many having advanced degrees (Masters or PhDs). This ensures deep subject knowledge and expertise. Teaching Credentials: Several of our tutors are certified teachers, having completed accredited teaching programs. This credential provides them with a strong foundation in educational methodologies. Specialized Training: We ensure our tutors undergo specialized training, which includes modern teaching techniques, student engagement strategies, and adaptive learning approaches to cater to diverse learning styles. Continual Professional Development: Our tutors regularly participate in professional development programs to stay updated with the latest educational trends and techniques. Experience: Beyond academic qualifications, our tutors have substantial experience in teaching and tutoring students of various grade levels. This experience is crucial in understanding and effectively addressing the unique challenges students face. Use of Teachworks: Our tutors are proficient in using Teachworks, an educational management platform, to enhance the learning experience through efficient scheduling, progress tracking, and resource sharing. The combination of formal education, practical teaching experience, and ongoing professional development enables our tutors to provide high-quality, personalized tutoring that makes a real difference in our students' educational journeys.
    We have a straightforward and transparent pricing system for our tutoring services. Our goal is to provide high-quality education tailored to each student's needs without any long-term commitments. Here are the details: In-Person Tutoring: For those who prefer face-to-face learning, our rate is $70 per hour. This option is ideal for students who benefit from direct interaction and hands-on guidance. Virtual Tutoring: We also offer virtual tutoring at a rate of $55 per hour. This option provides flexibility and convenience, allowing students to learn from the comfort of their home while still receiving personalized instruction. No Long-Term Commitment: We understand that each student's needs may change over time. Therefore, we don't require any long-term commitments. You can schedule sessions as needed, making it easy to adapt to changing schedules and learning requirements. Personalized and Flexible: Our approach is to tailor each tutoring session to the individual student's learning style and academic goals. Whether it's preparing for an upcoming test, tackling difficult subjects, or ongoing support throughout the school year, we adjust our tutoring to fit your needs. Our pricing reflects our commitment to providing exceptional education with the flexibility to suit every family's unique situation.
    Started with a focus on helping high school students excel in their studies and SAT preparation. Our initial success and positive feedback from students and parents fueled our passion for teaching. This encouragement led us to expand our services, offering tutoring across various grade levels and subjects. Our journey began with the aim to make a meaningful difference in students' academic journeys, and this remains our mission as we continue to grow and evolve."
    Had the privilege of working with a diverse range of students. Our experience includes: Grade Levels: We've tutored students from elementary through high school, as well as college students. Subject Variety: Our tutoring covers a wide array of subjects, including math, science, English, and social studies, as well as specialized areas like SAT/ACT prep. Learning Styles and Needs: We've successfully worked with students who have different learning styles and needs, including those who require more personalized attention or have specific academic challenges. Goal-Oriented Tutoring: Whether it’s catching up, staying on track, or aiming for advanced understanding, we’ve supported students with various academic goals. International Students: We also have experience working with international students, helping them adapt to new education systems and language barriers. Our broad experience has equipped us to effectively address the unique needs of each student, fostering an environment where every learner can thrive.
    We hosted an 'Academic Success Workshop' for local high school students. It was an interactive session focused on effective study strategies, time management, and stress reduction techniques. The engagement and enthusiasm from the students were truly heartwarming. Witnessing their aha-moments as they learned new methods to enhance their studies, and the genuine connections they formed with our tutors, was incredibly rewarding. This event not only reinforced our commitment to student success but also strengthened our bond with the local community.
    When looking for a tutor in our areas of expertise, consider these key points: Identify Your Needs: Understand what you need help with, whether it's a specific subject, test preparation, or improving study skills. This will help you find a tutor who specializes in those areas. Check Qualifications and Experience: Look for tutors who have strong educational backgrounds and relevant teaching experience, particularly in the subject you need help with. Look for Teaching Style Compatibility: Every student learns differently. Find a tutor whose teaching style matches your learning preferences to make the most out of your sessions. Read Reviews and Testimonials: Check what other students have said about the tutor. Positive feedback from past students is a good indicator of effectiveness. Consider Flexibility and Availability: Choose a tutor who can accommodate your schedule and offers flexibility, like Magellan Tutoring, where we cater to various grade levels and offer both in-person and virtual sessions. Initial Consultation: Engage in an initial consultation or trial session. This gives you a chance to see if the tutor’s approach aligns well with your learning style and goals. Communication is Key: Ensure the tutor is open to communication and feedback. A good tutor should be responsive to your academic needs and concerns.
    Before approaching a teacher or tutor about your academic needs, it's beneficial to reflect on the following questions: What are my specific academic goals? (e.g., improving grades in a certain subject, excelling in standardized tests, enhancing overall study skills) Which subjects or topics am I struggling with? Identify specific areas or concepts that are challenging. What is my preferred learning style? Consider how you learn best, such as through visual aids, hands-on activities, or verbal explanations. What has worked and not worked for me in the past? Reflect on previous learning experiences that were either effective or ineffective. What is my ideal learning environment? Think about whether you prefer one-on-one sessions, group study, in-person, or virtual tutoring. How much time can I commit to tutoring? Assess your schedule to understand how much time you can dedicate to tutoring sessions. What are my expectations from a tutoring session? Set clear expectations about what you hope to achieve through tutoring. Do I have any specific deadlines or upcoming tests? Inform the tutor about any immediate academic deadlines. What are my long-term academic or career aspirations? This can help in tailoring the tutoring to align with your broader goals.

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