I'm knowledgeable and patient. I believe it is important to build on the student's confidence as well as their skills, because panic hurts performance almost as bad as being unprepared.

I have a Masters and a degree in Economics from Southern Illinois University. I am a professional economist with a heavy background in math and statistics. I've been active in this discipline for over 30 years in a wide variety of industries. I was also in the Air Force.

Currently, I tutor in Economics, Math, and Chess.

In addition to my Masters in Econ, and minor in Math, I'm an experienced chess player and coach.

I have been playing chess competitively since the mid-70's. I am a certified Chess Coach and a Local Tournament Director, and have run chess clubs in many different locations-even internationally. My current chess rating puts me in the top 5% of competitive players in Texas and the top 10% in the US.

I assess the level of a student's interest and knowledge and customize my approach to the student's knowledge and interest level. While I have a set curriculum, not everyone has every skill in the same way, so I customize and emphasize having fun. When the student has fun, the skills come easily. I've worked with very young kids and older adults, groups, clubs, and schools.

My top motivator is learning new things, and I enjoy working with students of all ages who are trying to learn new things. My students range from 5 to adult, and I have great rapport with all of them.

Chess is more than just my favorite game. Chess strengthens logical thinking, strategy formation, spatial reasoning, calculation, and other key skills. It makes you more successful in your academic studies.

I like helping people learn. Chess makes learning fun.


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Cash, Check, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle


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Pre-kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, High school, College / graduate school, Adult learner

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General arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Statistics

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    Frequently asked questions

    Students have a wide variety of knowledge to start.  Some are total beginners, while others have substantial knowledge and are looking to improve.  I begin with an assessment.  I have a broad curriculum and look for skill levels in a wide range of game skills, then work on skill gaps while also introducing new material.  I also work with the student to set goals.  Some students want to improve for social play, while others want to become more competitive in officially rated tournaments.

    I have been playing for many years, have an extensive library of chess instruction.  I'm a certified local chess coach and local tournament director through the US Chess Federation.  I'm very knowledgeable about the rules, history, and strategy of the game.  

    My base rate is $40/hour.  I can offer discounts if the student buys a group of lessons ($150 for 5 lessons) pre-paid.  Group lessons are also possible and I can work out customized pricing.

    I've coached chess to beginners, sharing my expertise and love of the game.  If the student enjoys it, I've never found a student too young.  My son knew the names of the pieces at 1, and could set up the board at 2. He knew the moves at 3 and could play at 4.  His first tournament was at 6.  

    I've worked with students from 1 (like my son and other kids) to 70.  Most of my students are youths 10 or older.  Younger kids are capable of learning but may not have the focus to make it worthwhile.  The real key is whether the student enjoys the game.  If they like it, they focus and enjoy the competition. 

    One of my students has been playing in tournaments since well before he started with me.  His rating has gone up substantially since we have been working together, and in one recent event my advice helped him dramatically improve his results.  

    Find one you enjoy working with.  It's a game, and even at the most serious level of competition should be fun.

    Do you already know something about chess?  Do you enjoy it (and other games)?  Are you interested in tournaments against other players, or just like to play against friends?  Many studies have now documented that playing chess improves academic performance, concentration, ability to calculate, and logical reasoning.

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