Find a math tutor in Carrollton, TX

Find math tutors in Carrollton, TX

Find math tutors in Carrollton, TX

Share a few details and we'll show you the best math tutors in your area.
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Find math tutors in Carrollton, TX

Share a few details and we'll show you the best math tutors in your area.
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Top 10 math tutors in Carrollton, TX

Students agree: these Carrollton math tutors are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.
GenZ Math Tutoring

GenZ Math Tutoring

Offers online services
30 hires on Tutors
8+ years in business
Serves Carrollton, TX
Kimberly C. says, "Omar helped my daughter by breaking down word problems and equations into components she could understand. Omar was patient and attentive, always ensuring that she grasped each concept before moving on to the next. This personalized approach gave my daughter more confidence when working problems on her own. We will definitely be booking another session with Omar!" Read more


New on Tutors
9 hires on Tutors
21+ years in business
Serves Carrollton, TX
I'm knowledgeable and patient. I believe it is important to build on the student's confidence as well as their skills, because panic hurts performance almost as bad as being unprepared. I have a Masters and a degree in Economics from Southern Illinois University. I am a professional economist with a heavy background in math and statistics. I've been active in this discipline for over 30 years in a wide variety of industries. I was also in the Air Force. Currently, I tutor in Economics, Math, and Chess. In addition to my Masters in Econ, and minor in Math, I'm an experienced chess player and coach. I have been playing chess competitively si...
Powell Math Tutoring

Powell Math Tutoring

3 hires on Tutors
5+ years in business
Serves Carrollton, TX
Jessica N. says, "Adam is encouraging and met our student on her level. She learned what was needed and grew in her confidence. She was taking an online calculus class and he even loaned her a calculus book to reference." Read more
Ontario Brown

Ontario Brown

New on Tutors
Offers online services
1 hire on Tutors
Serves Carrollton, TX
TEACHING REMOTELY IS AVAILABLE!!! (No Geometry) I'm Mr. Brown, If you want a relatable teacher who delivers broken down and easily understandable mathematics, reach out to me. I am a recent TCU graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. I am a current high school Algebra I teacher. I am very passionate about using education to help students discover their maximum potential. Mathematics continues to serve as a roadblock for many students in their educational journey. My job is to make math as easy as possible and I promise with a session or two, you will see just that! I have taught and tutored small and large groups, private individ
Rank Up Tutoring

Rank Up Tutoring

Offers online services
5 hires on Tutors
Serves Carrollton, TX
Sofia M. says, "I’m glad I started tutoring for my daughter with Mr Renken, he’s very patient and effective with young kids. He has the ability to create a positive learning environment. My daughter feels more confident and comfortable with math. I highly recommend him ." Read more
SoFlo Math Tutoring

SoFlo Math Tutoring

Offers online services
2 hires on Tutors
10+ years in business
Serves Carrollton, TX
Karen L. says, "My daughter had to write a pre-algebra test in a few days and I was concerned she was struggling. I contacted SoFlo online, expressed my concern and in spite of the tight schedule, they moved things around to accommodate my daughter. I witnessed the session and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I love the teaching method, and that my daughter was offered multiple methods to solve the same problem. I recommend SoFlo highly!" Read more

Your Math Tutoring questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Tutors.

How much does a math tutor cost near me?

A math tutor costs $25 to $80 per hour when teaching privately and $25 to $50 per hour when tutoring online. SAT math tutoring costs $45 to $100 per hour on average. Math tutoring centers charge $100 to $200 per month for weekly tutoring sessions.

How do I know if my child needs a math tutor?

Your child may need a math tutor if:

  • Their grades or test scores are declining
  • They get confused or frustrated with homework
  • They are having difficulty or lacking confidence with numbers
  • They are excelling in school and need more challenging tasks
  • You are no longer able to provide help with homework or learning
  • They have a learning disability

How many math tutoring sessions are needed?

Tutors suggest a minimum of one tutoring session per week until students build confidence, understand the subject, and improve grades. Sometimes, a few tutoring sessions can help students get back on track and regain confidence. If the student struggles in two or more classes, more sessions are recommended. On average, students take 9 to 50 sessions.

What do private math tutors do?

Math tutors are responsible for helping students with homework, teaching various mathematical concepts, motivating and boosting confidence, and teaching skills like note-taking, studying, and test-taking. Math tutors also show how to perform calculations, processes, and computations to complete their assignments.

What qualities make a good math tutor?

Look for the following qualities in a math tutor:

  • Expertise and knowledge on the subject
  • A good communicator and motivator
  • A passionate and enthusiastic teacher
  • Ability to quickly identify the student's needs
  • Teaches to the student's strengths and minimizes their weaknesses
  • Personalizes each session and incorporates connections to the student's interests
  • Listens and communicates often with parents and teachers
  • Is inquisitive and asks the student good, open-ended questions
  • Is persistent but always demonstrates patience and empathy
  • Adaptable and able to explain material in multiple ways
  • Shows positivity and encouragement
  • Has a reputation of professionalism and reliability
  • Has resourcefulness and is tech-savvy

Do math tutors help?

Hiring a math tutor helps struggling children keep up and advances those students who aren't challenged enough. A tutor helps improve any student's knowledge, learning skills, and confidence.

Is math tutoring worth it?

Tutoring is worth the money because:

  • Tutoring strengthens subject comprehension, boosts confidence, and builds important learning skills that a crowded classroom can't offer.
  • Tutoring improves grades and tutored students outperform their peers on examinations.
  • Students develop positive attitudes toward the subject after tutoring.

How to find a math tutor in my area?

Home math tutors are available for children in elementary school all the way to students in high school and college. Start by searching our list of private math tutors near you. Then:

  • Ask for recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors.
  • Interview and compare at least three tutors.
  • Check their references and verify their credentials.
  • Read reviews and check out their previous work on and Google.
  • Discuss fees, locations, scheduling, and cancellation policies.
  • Ask what payment methods are accepted and if payment is expected after each session.
  • Consider hiring the tutor on a trial basis to see if they are a good fit.

What questions should I ask a math tutor before hiring?

When looking to hire a good math tutor, ask the following questions:

  • What's your level of education or academic training in math?
  • What are your qualifications, certifications, or credentials?
  • How long have you been tutoring, and how many students have you tutored?
  • What ages and learning styles do you tutor?
  • How will you evaluate my child's needs?
  • What is your tutoring process, methodology, and teaching philosophy?
  • Do you have a curriculum, or do you create personalized content for my child?
  • How do you measure and track progress?
  • What results should I expect to see, and what happens if my child doesn't make any progress?
  • How often will you communicate with me and my child's teachers?
  • Will the tutoring sessions take place in-home, at a public location, or online?
  • How many students will be tutored at a time?
  • How much do you charge, and how long is each session?
  • How long and when are you available to tutor?
  • What's your policy for cancellations and make-up sessions?
  • Can you provide me with a list of references?
  • Are you willing to undergo a background check?
  • What makes you an outstanding math tutor?What questions should I ask a math tutor before hiring?

Reviews for Carrollton math tutors

Recent success stories from people in the Carrollton area.
Cara S.
Omar is awesome! My 15 year old son really liked his approach with Algebra II. His tutoring made a huge impact on his understanding of the material and grade. Highly recommend.
GenZ Math Tutoring
Eilam M.
Adam tutored me day in and day out for two months when I was really struggling with my advanced placement algebra 2 class that I was essentially 9 weeks behind in. He was nothing but encouraging and patient with me as he took the time to not only help me with the material that I was struggling with currently, but also taking a step back and helping he really understand the concepts that I had missed previously. Just in the two months that he tutored me, I went from failing every test with around a 40% to not only passing my first test with a 93% but also elevating me to a passing grade and even getting a B on the SEMESTER exam that covered the entire years worth of material. He was available as much as I was and more, including very late evenings and weekends despite also having a 30+ minute drive each way to and from our home. I cannot recommend Adam enough! He really made sure that I understood everything that we went over and was by far the best teacher I have ever had in any subject.
Powell Math Tutoring
Didi A.
We have had a great experience with Josh so far. He really connects with my son, keeps him on track when his mind wanders, and really boosts his confidence. My son's mood is different at school and I know it's due to the confidence he's getting with the extra practice with Josh.
Rank Up Tutoring
Kangsoo Y.
We just moved to the US from Korea and the change has been very tough for my kids. They are not familiar with the US school system and falling behind. I saw their confidence draining. But all of that changed when SoFlo came into the picture. To start, they gave a free assessment so they could figure out where my children were struggling. From there we had weekly tutoring sessions that my kids actually enjoy. I am seeing their confidence return and life in the US get better for them
SoFlo Math Tutoring
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