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I am a professional tutor with over 4 years of teaching and tutoring experience. My specific expertise is TEACHING you the basic math you are working on, from algebra to calculus in a informal, casual setting. It's always my goal that my students feel like they are learning math from a friend while still gaining tangible results in their coursework.

I have been tremendously successful in reaching my students, whatever their mathematical capabilities may be. I've received tremendous feedback from both my classroom students and tutoring clients in regards to their subsequent successes in their math coursework.

My personal ideological approach to learning and teaching mathematics is one of prioritizing contextual understanding above memorization or computation. When you can actually contextualize what you're doing, it all feels much more simple.


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Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus

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    eilam M.

    Adam tutored me day in and day out for two months when I was really struggling with my advanced placement algebra 2 class that I was essentially 9 weeks behind in. He was nothing but encouraging and patient with me as he took the time to not only help me with the material that I was struggling with currently, but also taking a step back and helping he really understand the concepts that I had missed previously.
    Just in the two months that he tutored me, I went from failing every test with around a 40% to not only passing my first test with a 93% but also elevating me to a passing grade and even getting a B on the SEMESTER exam that covered the entire years worth of material.
    He was available as much as I was and more, including very late evenings and weekends despite also having a 30+ minute drive each way to and from our home.
    I cannot recommend Adam enough! He really made sure that I understood everything that we went over and was by far the best teacher I have ever had in any subject.
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    December 22, 2023


    ronnie M.

    Adam Powell from Powell Math Tutoring is an exceptional educator whose impact on my sons Algebra II journey cannot be overstated. His adept teaching skills have been instrumental in transforming my sons understanding of Algebra II Honors, resulting in a remarkable improvement in his grades. Adams flexibility and dedication were truly commendable—he went above and beyond, visiting our home multiple times a week for weeks, responding to our request for additional support. His commitment to ensuring comprehension and success is unmatched. I wholeheartedly recommend Adam Powell for anyone seeking top-notch tutoring services. Well undoubtedly continue to enlist his expertise for my other children as they progress into higher levels of math. Adams approach and dedication make him an invaluable asset for any student aiming for academic excellence.
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    December 13, 2023


    rina A.

    Adam tutored my 3 kids over the summer for pre-algebra and pre-calculus. They have always had a math tutor over the summer to help them get ahead over the summer. Adam is leaps and bounds the kids favorite. They said that he just thinks outside of the box and gives a new perspective on math. They enjoyed their time with him and feel confident going into the school year. We are looking forward to working w him next summer.
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    July 27, 2023


    beverly H.

    Great communication, professional, timely response in planning and scheduling. Mr. Powell is patient with student, detailed in explaining concepts, assesses comprehension before moving on, and has a positive and encouraging disposition. Awesome teacher!
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    July 01, 2023


    sarah A.

    He was very patient with me and did an excellent job explaining concepts I didnt understand.
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    March 23, 2023


    nazik Y.

    He was genuinly interested in getting me to understand the content even if that meant going backwards and explaining things I should have already been thought, but wasnt. Hes kind and just a really genuine person and Id love the opportunity to work with him again
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    March 23, 2023

    Frequently asked questions

    My typical process is simply catering to the needs of the student. Some students like to just get help on certain topics or assignments. Some students prefer a more structured plan for an entire course. For students who are just looking to get straight to the specific topic or assignment they need help with, I am happy to just jump right in! For students who would prefer a more structured and generalized mathematical instruction, I like to assess student capabilities through discussion or even a formal assessment, if preferred, to get an idea of where the student is at and what the best course of action would be. I can tailor individual instruction according to your needs whether that means filling in a few gaps or an starting from the beginning. Many of my students do best when refreshing or solidifying prerequisites for what they are actually working on. **Remember, math is sequential. If you don't have a solid foundation in the prerequisites for any given topic, making sense of it is nearly impossible! It's my job to fill in those gaps for you so that you can succeed.**
    I have been both a professional teacher and tutor at Richland Collegiate High School at Dallas College as well as an middle school instructor with Garland ISD. I have tutored privately since 2019. I have a Bachelor's of Science in Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Dallas and have also completed significant subsequent mathematical coursework at Dallas College. The classes I taught at RCHS with Dallas College were very popular as were the related tutoring sessions. I received tremendous appreciation and praise from all my students for improving their understanding, grades and even mindset in their math coursework.
    I charge $50 per hour for the first hour. This will include travel to your location. If a student is interested in instruction for the length of their class, a special agreement can be decided upon with special prices depending on the type of math course and the specific necessities of the student.
    I found it very enjoyable to help friends and colleagues with their math courses, and began doing it as a favor early on. Having already been passionate about math and realizing that teaching it was both rewarding and enjoyable, it was a very natural transition for me. "Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life." I love teaching math and I sincerely gain a great sense of pride and accomplishment from seeing my students succeed!
    I've worked with all types of students. Some students need help with nearly every aspect of learning mathematics and require a lot of directed instruction to build up their mathematical foundation and skills. Some students just need a little extra help making a few concepts click. With enough hard work and focus, every student I've worked with has been successful in learning mathematics no matter where they are at when we begin!
    I had a student who hired me because she scored a grade 2/100 on her second Calculus I exam and her next exam was quickly approaching. She was overwhelmed, discouraged and on the verge of dropping out of the course. I asked her to go back to the very beginning of Calculus I with me, and to work as hard as possible and to believe in herself. After three days of consecutive tutoring (several hours per day), she scored a 70/100 on her next calculus exam! She could not believe it! Needless to say, her open mind and diligence paid off! She passed her course and is now a self described "fan of calculus".
    I have two pieces of advice: 1) Credentials or mathematical prowess doesn't always translate into effective teaching of fundamental math. Don't hire someone who's specific expertise is DOING high level, abstract, technical math. You're trying to learn and you need a TEACHER, not a professional mathematician! Hire someone who's expertise is TEACHING math. I've heard too many horror stories from my students who paid $80 per hour to highly credentialed mathematicians or engineers who simply couldn't teach the math even though they were obviously good at math themselves. My expertise, first and foremost, is TEACHING fundamental math from algebra through calculus. 2) Hiring a tutor is truly an agreement between the student and the teacher. The agreement is that both the student and the teacher will put in the effort to help the student learn. There is no magic trick with math. It requires effort, focus, and diligence. But it absolutely can be done! My advice is just to be open to putting in the time and effort to make hiring a tutor worth your money. When both the tutor and the student are putting in the time and the effort, learning happens very effectively.
    Students should try to do an honest assessment with themselves about where they stand, mathematically and try their best to convey that to me. If you feel like you are understanding nothing in a course, then go back through your course or even previous courses, and find the place where things start to make sense again. That is probably our starting point in getting you where you need to be. Having this knowledge will help me provide the most effective and efficient tutoring sessions.

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