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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have about two decades experience teaching in public and private schools. I believe that curricula should be tailored to the needs of the student, and that all students can learn and improve.

I have a BA in History with minors in English, philosophy, and theology. I am state-certified as a teacher in the areas of Generalist 4-8, Special Education K-12, and ESL.

I am prompt, passionate about teaching, and flexible.

What I most enjoy about teaching is that "Ah ha!" moment when a student who was struggling with a difficult concept makes the connections that bring understanding.


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luma H.

He is very punctual and professional makes the student comfort because of his jokes and his good spirit. I really appreciate him .
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May 21, 2018
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Shuang Y.

May 09, 2018
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Frequently asked questions

I like to play a game with new students. This gives the student and me an opportunity to spend some time doing something together that I can teach, and that we can both enjoy. Games facilitate conversation and help me start to figure out a student's personality. Games also help students start to figure out my personality. A relationship built on mutual understanding and respect is necessary for teachers and students.

I've taught since 1996 in both public and private schools, starting after I finished by BA in History with minors in English, philosophy, and theology. I've taught every grade PK through 12 at least a little, but most of my career has focused on grades 4-9. I've taught Latin, English, history, math, science, and literature, but I'm strongest in the classic liberal arts.

My fee per hour averages $30 for one-on-one tutoring. I also offer a special group class in writing and social skills that uses story games as part of the instruction. This course runs for eight two-hour sessions, and costs $160 per student.

As a parent myself, however, I am sensitive to the realities of a family budget. Don't let those dollar amounts scare you off before we've had a chance to talk.

I got started teaching in 1996 right after graduating from the University of St. Thomas in Houston. I was hired to teach computer to PK through 8th grade at a Catholic school in east Houston.

I've worked with pretty much all types of students. I teach whom I'm assigned to teach, and I adjust lessons and expectations accordingly. The last couple of years I've worked as a special education teacher for grades 5-12 at a charter school in Katy, Texas.

Last year, I had two students receiving special education services for whom I taught almost all of their classes. We worked hard. Both students improved enough that their course load with me was cut in half this year, and they have both been placed in the general education classroom for the other half.

The Latin word for student is "discipulus". It is the root for the word "discipline". Education requires discipline, and discipline requires humility. The Latin root for "education" is "educare", which means to "lead out of". Teachers are not dictators. They are leaders who walk ahead of their students to help show them the way.

The most important question is probably this one: "Do I have a clear goal in mind for my education?" The nature of that goal impacts everything else.

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