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Writing And English Tutoring

Offers online services
Offers online services


Years of tutoring and teaching experience, a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, and boundless passion for education make me a highly qualified tutor. As a writing consultant, I have worked with high school, undergraduate, and graduate students on all types of writing, including academic essays, scholarship and job applications, poetry, and creative writing. I am TEFL certified and have experience working with English Language Learners, and I am proficient in Spanish.

Writing and tutoring are both collaborative processes, and I love being able to work with students to solve problems and learn together. Through this collaboration, I have built strong and lasting relationships with my students. I find that to be the most rewarding and delightful part of my job!


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

The first thing I always do is ask students what their priorities are and how they work best. I am here to help students accomplish their goals, not the other way around. Once we establish what kind of project a student is working on, where they are in the process, what their needs and strengths are, and how they typically learn best, we can work together to make sure they are getting the support that they need. 

I have worked steadily as a tutor in some capacity for over six years. Most notably, I have been a writing consultant at my university's Writing Center since 2017. In that position, I received not only abundant experience working with a wide range of students, but also rigorous training and numerous opportunities for professional development. 

I majored in humanities with foci in English writing and Spanish, and I minored in linguistics, completing my TEFL certification during my undergraduate program. I have volunteered and observed in many EFL/ESOL classrooms at the college and high school level. 

I recently earned my MAT degree and completed my practicum experience in a high school classroom. Along with deepened content knowledge in English Language Arts, I have gained valuable classroom management and lesson planning experience.

I base my pricing on the average rates for tutors in my area as well as my experience and qualifications. Taking into account these factors, my standard rate is $45/hr.

However, I believe all students deserve access to educational opportunities without worrying about financial strain, especially during the present pandemic. If the standard pricing is not feasible for you right now, I would love to have a conversation about how we can make it work. 

I started tutoring as a part-time job in college, but I quickly realized that I wanted teaching to be a much more long-term career. Funnily enough, reading papers written by Education majors at my Writing Center job fueled my dream of being a classroom teacher in a high school. Helping other students express their philosophies of education ended up solidifying my own! That, along with my work experience and my time in the TEFL program, made me realize that teaching is the most exciting, fulfilling job I could have. 

I work with all types of students! Children and adults, students who love writing and students who have always struggled, students whose first language is English and students who speak English as a second (or third, fourth, fifth) language. The only thing that matters is that each student is willing to learn and to be open with me about their needs. 

I was working with a current student and realized that she was citing a paper I had worked on with one of my former students! I loved seeing how my former student's hard work paid off and how my current student is expanding the research in their field.  It's a privilege and an honor to be part of that process! 

Find someone that works well with you and meets you where you are. Expertise is great, but it is far more important to find someone with a teaching style that works for you. Tutoring sessions should be fun and useful! 

For writing especially, research shows that tutoring is most effective when utilized repeatedly and over time. It important to build up skills and self-efficacy that you can transfer to future projects, rather than focusing on getting an A on one particular assignment. Also, tutoring is helpful at all parts of the writing process, not just when you have a finished draft that you want to proofread. Some of the most productive and exciting sessions happen when you have nothing on the page and just want to brainstorm. 

And remember: tutoring is not a remedial service. Needing or wanting tutoring doesn't mean that you're bad at what you do. Tutoring is a chance to collaborate with another person and get a fresh perspective. At the Writing Center where I work, the tutors (myself included) often go to each other for help on writing assignments, despite being the "experts." It's always good to have a little extra help! 

What are your strenghts? Your teacher should help you recognize and build on the things you already do well. 

How do you work best? For example, do you prefer to be in a quiet environment, or do you like having other people around? Do you prefer to work in long stretches, or do you need breaks every so often? 

Are there any accomodations or adjustments that make it easier for you to work? For example, would it help if your teacher acted as a scribe to write down your thoughts for you? Do you require the use of an interpreter in your sessions? Are there any assistive technologies that you would like to use?  

What are your priorities? Your time with a teacher or tutor is limited, so what would be the most helpful thing to focus on? 

How do you feel about the subject you are getting help with? Is it something you have struggled with in the past? Is anything about it causing you stress right now? 

What is challenging you right now? Maybe you are having trouble sorting through your thoughts on a particular topic, or maybe you need help managing your time so that you can get work done before a deadline. 

What are your long-term goals? What would you like to accomplish after a month of tutoring? A year? 

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