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Adrian Castillo General Tutoring

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I have earned a bachelor's Degree in Space Physics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

I earned my high school diploma from Don Bosco Technical Institute in Rosemead, CA with a specialization in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science.

I specialize in math & science (namely physics), however I am also versed in professional and creative writing, reading comprehension, and computational programming. Beyond just institutional education , I have been a cross country coach, a professional musician, and an Eagle Scout thus I am able to work with many people from many backgrounds.

Before graduating I was a physics lab Teaching Assistant in lower level physics (namely college level phsyics I, II, and III) creating and teaching lesson plans to engineers, physicists, and pilots. I spent 3 years in this position moving up to the position of Head Teaching Assistant for the program.

I currently work as Physicst at Wright-Patterson AFB.

For a more detailed look at my work experience and job descriptions please see my linkedin profile:

I love being able to help people understand things. I know at times certain concepts are hard to grasp, but usually all it takes is time, effort, and a bit of patience.


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He had a flexible schedule and was very good at explaining what we needed to know.
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June 12, 2018
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Frequently asked questions

My philosophy in teaching has always been threefold:

Firstsly, I strive to understand the student in their strengths and weaknesses. As with any problem, identification of the issue at hand is alway paramount. Usually there is a fundamental lack of understanding in a particular area that needs to be strengthened.

Secondly, I use this identified weakness and build a new foundation tailored to utilize that students strengths. I will not do the student's work for them, I will ask them to attempt the work themselves. I like to challenge my students to pose questions to themselves on possible solutions before asking for the correct method right away. In this way, the student's mind takes in new ideas and learns to think critically around these problem with the confidence an intructor can give as a resource.

Lastly, I build the students confidence so that it lasts without the need for an extra mind. The end goal of every teacher or tutor is to build up a student's understanding to the point of self-reliance. This includes methods for self-study, how to use extrenal resources, and when to ask for help.

My college degree is in Space Physics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ

My High School diploma included a specialization in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from Don Bosco Technical Institute in Rosemead, CA

I was previously a Physics Lab Teaching Assistant at my college for approximately 4 years. This position required teaching physics I, II, and III to pilots, engineers, and physicists from the school. I have worked with many kinds of people in this position at different levels of mathematical knowledge. 

For any other information regarding past positions, please either see the Linkedin link on the about section or e-mail me directly.

I do not have any set rates as my last position involved being employed by the school. Rates are flexible and to be negotiated based on the individual job.

I began teaching when my college sent out e-mails to look for new Teaching Assistants. based on my experience as a cross country coach, I found that I enjoyed imparting knowledge to others and helping them succeed. I decided to apply for the position and was made a TA after a short interview and an examination of the work in my previous labs.

As a TA I have worked with undergraduate physcis, engineering, aeronautics, business, and air traffic safety majors. The labs were different based on the grouping of students as expecting the same level of work between a business major and physicist is incorrect. The labs were tailored in a way that benefitted the students in their future endeavors. 

Look for someone who isn't just giving you answers. A teacher who does nothing but immediately give the solution is not helping a student learn. Nothing will be gained from that form of education.

1. What is the core issue I am having? 
-- Come in with a plan. Whther this is a partially worked solution, or an attempt at mapping a process, good teachers always appreciate seeing a student is trying. If a student comes to a teacher with an immediate "I don'tknow how to do this," it is hard for them to identify where the student is going wrong

2. Have I attempted using an alternate resource?
-- When your own knowledge fails you, the first place you should look is to your textbook or another form of self-study. However, some textbooks or even teachers may not explain things in a way that is beneficial to you. This is where you seek the help of an instructor or tutor to offer a more tailored explanation or example.

3. Keep calm.

-- be patient with yourself and your instructors. Frustration only impedes success in many instances. panic does the same. Many students overthink things because they underestimate their own abilities.

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