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I am an extremely organized individual. I have a bubbly, outgoing personality that will allow students to enjoy each of their tutoring sessions. I am a teeneager, so I will be able to connect more with my students since most of them will be teenagers or younger. I am also a very cooperative person who works well with others. Not only will I be teaching my students, they will be teaching me.


I have tutored at my high school since the beginning of this school year, so I know how to work and organize my tutoring sessions. I mainly tutor any math subject from K-12, but will also tutor high school science, such as Chemistry.


One of my accomplishments is that I have been a member of the Renaissance program that my school runs. The program is for students who have kept their grades for all of their classes at A's and B's. I have had an A average in every class I've taken, except for one, since my freshman year of high school.

I've also gotten the Student of the Month award my junior year of high school. The school picks a student for that month that they saw do something that stood out in a positive way. Then, they take a picture of you and frame it right inside the front doors of the highschool.

Working with and helping others is something I am very passionate about. There's something extremely warming about watching the person you're working with grow from where they were into who they are now; seeing the amount of progress they can make is amazing.


2 years in business
Serves New Lebanon, OH

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Frequently asked questions

On the first day of meeting my new student, I will introduce myself and name a few fun facts about me so that I can personally connect with them. The more we connect on a personal level, the more willing they are to cooperate with me. After that, I will ask for their name and a few fun facts about them. This gets them engaged and allows for the conversation to continue. Then, we will do a few ice breaker activities in order to learn more about eachother since we will be working together for a while. Soon after, I'll ask a few personal questions, such as which area they are struggling in the most and what learning style best helps them focus. This is just to get a better understanding for how to structure our sessions and figure out the kind of learner I'll be working with.  

My education level that will qualify me for this position is that I have been in advanced math classes since my eighth grade year. I've stayed one year ahead of my classmates in math and am currently taking AP Calculus my senior year of high school. 

Experience that I have had that has trained me to be a tutor is that I have taken part in extracurricular volunteer groups through my school. These groups include S.T.A.N.D., HOPE Squad, and being a Peer Listener.

S.T.A.N.D. is an acronym for stop tobacco and narcotic dependence. I was a part of this my sophomore year. We would go over to the middle school during a select school day and teach the middle schoolers the negative affects of drugs and how to deal with uncomfortable situations they might get into that could do with drugs. 

Hope Squad is a group that students in the high school hand pick as people they trust if they ever needed to talk to them about something personal. I am in this my senior year and was hand picked by my fellow classmates as a member. 

Peer Listening is another groupp that I am a member of this year. The group goes over to the elementary school after the school day ends to talk to their "peer", or buddy, that they are peered with. While you are there you talk with your buddy about how their day is and how they are doing. You basically allow the kids to vent their feelings. It really helps them and you form a personal bond with them.

My standard pricing range is $15 an hour. I researched average ranges of pricing and found that, on average, most student tutors charge $25 an hour. I lowered my rate because I am a student in highschool, not a math teacher with a degree; however, I have a pretty flexible schedule, with any time during Saturdays and any time after 4 pm from Monday through Friday. 

I have a study hall this year, so I help any classmate that needs assistance with math during that period. I have also helped my friends figure out their math homework if they are stuck on a problem. 

My advice would be to make sure that you are not only learning from that teacher and progresssing, but also enjoying your experience all around. You need a teacher who is going to meet your learning needs, not theirs. Someone who is going to work with you, not around you. 

What area am I struggling in most? - This is very important to ask since it allows you to evaluate what subject you are finding the most difficult. 

Is it because I'm not putting in the effort or because I'm not understanding the material? - This is perhaps the most vital question because no matter how hard your tutor/teacher works, if you do not want to learn, you won't.

What is my learning style? - This will help tremendously if you voice to your tutor what your learning style is because then they will be able to create the most effective lesson plans for you. 

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