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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have thousands of hours of tuition experience, teaching full time professionally for 12 years. I am the director of a tuition centre and tutor training academy in London (London Academy of Tutors) and before this worked for over four years at a specialist tutoring colllege (Dyslexia Teaching Centre). I am familiar with, UK, US and International School's educational systems.

Thanks to the low costs whilst I travel South East Asia, I am happy to be able to charge less than 50% of my normal rate.

Due to my background working with students with special educational needs, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD and Asperger's, I have a very patient, methodical approach. I ensure classes are varied to maintain student's focus and enjoyment of the learning process.

This approach was learned to ensure the best support for students who need it, due to attention or working memory deficits. However, it helps students of all academic profiles thrive. After all, none of us have perfect attention or working memory!

The greater care and attention that I put into my assessment of students' needs, preparation of classes, and background support is also essential for making the most of each lesson, and the results have consistently followed, over the years.


Academic background:

Currently studying:

Professional Certificate in Structured Teaching Intervention for Dyslexia and Literacy (Middlesex University in conjunction with Dyslexia Action Online)

Previous Qualifications:

MSc Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method (2:1) (London School of Economics and Political Sciences (2006 – 2009))

A-Levels (Hurstpierpoint College) [17, 18 years]

A x 3: English Literature, History, Philosophy

GCSE (Hurstpierpoint College)

A* x 4: English Literature, English Language, History, P.E.

A x 4: Maths, Physics, Biology, P.E.,

B Chemistry (illness during exam)

C French (je ne sais pas)

Personal Statement

Key to my classes is to introduce new, potentially complicated information, at the right pace and level for each student. When stressed or overlwhelmed, learning stops. I aim to put my students in the 'flow' state where satisfaction and progress are maximised.

Careful understanding of the students needs and level of learning is essential to help me prepare the most effective classes, and so I prioritise this from the start and throughout the process.

I like to include fun activities wherever possible, mix up the teaching style (e.g. include videos, audio, active learning). But I believe most of the enjoyment that my students have during the lesson is in that 'aaah' moment of understanding, and of overcoming a challenge.

Once I take a student on, I make it my personal responsibility to take care of every angle towards achieving or overachieving their desired aim. As the classes and interaction is online, this also allows for much more flexibility - sometimes a student only needs to ask a question that takes 15 minutes. Sometimes I need to talk to class teachers, or set additional homeworks, or draw up revision timetables, or research and summarise texts. I will do what it takes to improve my students' chances of understanding and success.

One thing that often surprises my students is that I ask them to put all that stress and pressure onto me. Almost every time I ask 'Whose fault is it if you don't understand', they think it is theirs. Well it isn't. If they don't understand, then I will find a better way to explain. All I ask is for honesty and attention, and great results will follow. There was a time we couldn't count to ten. Everything is easy once we know how, and it is my job to make it easy.

I absolutely love helping my students overcome challenges and find success. It is great to work with people on a relatively personal level, and to be needed to find creative ways to help each person with their individual needs.


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Rex B.

Joe not only engages me in lessons in a fun and interactive way, but he also helps me learn by keeping me calm if I’m getting confused.
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April 09, 2019

Tilly M.

Joe is quite simply the best tutor you could ever hope to find. He has completely changed the way my son works and has instilled in my son a work ethic that he never had previously. He is fantastic at explaining clearly and simply concepts that your child did not previously understand and is the sole reason that my son got into the school that he wanted to go to. And my son had a series of tutors before Joe none of whom managed to teach him anything or really engage with him. I would recommend Joe 100%
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April 09, 2019

Jack S.

Joe is a fantastic tutor, teacher and mentor and I recommend him completely as a tutor and teacher. He is extremely knowledgable, patient and an excellent communicator of ideas. He is able to explain the most complicated of problems in a way that is easily understandable and is a dedicated and compassionate educator. In the time that I have known Joe I have seen him help scores of students develop confidence in Mathematics and English where they had previously struggled and recommend him without reservation as a tutor who has amassed over 1000 contact hours with clients and has always received fantastic feedback.
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April 09, 2019

Katie B.

Joe helped me a lot with my English and math. He was really patient and good at explaining things that I didnt get at school and the lessons were much more fun than with my other tutor. My teachers have all said I have improved, and I am more confident now too.
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April 09, 2019

Frequently asked questions

First I like to fully understand my student's needs. This usually begins with a short Skype discussion, followed up with some e-mail exchange with any information necessary. I have a questionnaire that is sometimes useful here.

Each lesson will contain one key learning objective, and will include a review of the previous lesson's objective. This helps to maintain the feeling of progress.

The learning is primarily from numerous online sources (short texts, videos etc.) that I have used and recommend. We return to the Skype discussion regularly to check understanding and discuss any difficulties.

The assessment takes place throughout the session, and again takes the form of excellent online tools that I have amassed. I might also customise an assessment. Assessments are very varied, e.g. short online quiz, past exam paper questions, and depend on the student and where we are at in the process. They are also very useful for me to ensure I keep the student learning at an appropriate level, where they can be safely challenged and retain their interest.

I provide fortnightly reports to parents or guardians where appropriate. 

In addition to learning 'on-the-job' for over twelve years, I worked as a specialist English and Math tutor at the Dyslexia Teaching Centre in Kensington, where I was trained in-house and on various short-form (day/ week courses) programmes in numerous pedagogical techniques.

I am currently studying towards a MA in Dyslexia and Literacy.

I charge $15/ hour for school-based tuition, $20/ hour for employment-based tuition. I will always offer discounts on bulk-purchases. 

After a free initial consultation and assessment, I ask for payment up-front on PayPal.

Lesson cancellations are not charged if rescheduled, unless cancellation is within three hours of the start of the lesson.

I started teaching at university, to help pay for my studies, and enjoyed it and had enough success to decide to tutor professionally as a career.

Over twelve years I have worked with students from 7 years to adults, from Oxbridge and Ivy League applicants to student's aiming for low passes in English or math.

I have a lot of experience working with students with SEN, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD and those on the autistic spectrum.

What their aims are, both short-term and long-term. What help they need from their lessons.

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