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Raul Martinez

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Hello! I am a math and chemistry student at the University of New Mexico and I have been helping students with math and chem work since high school. A lot of people find these subjects extremely difficult (myself included) but I have found that once you find your correct learning method, they become quite fun. Everyone learns differently and my job is to find out what method best accomodates you or your student. I have many different options in my service. I can do one on one tutoring, study groups (no more than four so that I can focus on you or your student), supplemental instruction sessions, and I am available through text/email at anytime with quick questions you may need answered. At this time I am only doing online sessions, but I do use zoom as it is easily interactive with my tablet. There, students can see what I am writing on my tablet in real time on their computer screens. It makes it very convenient for their learning.

I love math and chemistry and I feel that a lot of people don't know that they love it too! When I graduate from college I want to join Teach For America which is a program that trains college grads to teach in schools in underprivileged neighborhoods. My goal is to help you or your student find a liking to math and chemistry. While I may not convert you to a full on mathematician, I would like to help you have a basic understanding of your subject and an appreciation for it. We all use math in our everyday lives so it is important that you know it!


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Offers online services

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    Will L.

    I hired Raul for my 14 year old son who needed help in algebra. He did a really great job helping my son learn concepts he didn’t previously understand. He uses a very interactive way of helping so that my son can see in real time what he writing which has been very helpful. I would definitely hit Raul again!
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    August 10, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    Whenever I work with a new student I try to gauge what learning method best suits their needs. Is the student more of an analytical or creative learner? Do they learn better with examples or with formulas? I try to help them find their way of learning so that they not only learn the subject, but they learn to learn. This helps them a lot in future classes 

    I am currently a student at the University of New Mexico. As a student, I understand what it is like to be stuck on a subject and be so frustrated that you feel you don't like the subject. This has happened to me with math so many times! The truth is that as a student I have learned to find resources to help me with my learning. My goal is to help you find resources as well. 

    One-on-one tutoring: $25 hr/session 

    supplemental instruction/study groups: $8 per person (up to 4 for study groups) 

    Monthly: $80 (4 sessions) 

    office hours: Free with subscription or recurring service (Weekly email sent out with times) 

    Text/email service: Free with subscription or recurring service (will do my best to respond within 2 hours)  

    Semester: $400 (one session per week) or (two 30 min sessions per week) 

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