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Offers online services


I have a NC teaching license and over 9 years experience teaching Elementary students. My favorite subject to teach is basic math. One of my greatest strengths is finding ways to incorporate engaging, hands-on activities and using concrete visual models to help students understand a concept. I utilize interactive digital whiteboards so that we can work side-by-side.


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Frequently asked questions

After introducing myself to a new student, I like to connect with them by asking some friendly questions about their interests as well as how they're feeling about the subject at hand. 

In order to provide an effective lesson, it's important to assess where a student is at and then build from there. I like to review/connect prior knowledge before introducing a new concept or skill.

My routine is engaging and student-led. Direct instruction is brief and focused on key details and math vocabulary that the student needs to remember. The student will be actively engaged through the use of interactive models and hands-on exploration. The use of concrete visual models, clear and effective feedback, and research-based interventions will ensure student achievement.

I have a K-6 Elementary Education license. I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in 2009.

Courses completed to date include:

Digital Learning

Instructional Framework

iReady math connections

Instructional Technology

This information will be updated.

I developed a passion for teaching and working with children at a young age.There are teachers in my family and I've always been inspired to make an impact on my community through teaching. 

Most of my experience is in First grade but I've worked with students in K though 5th. I have worked with students with special needs and ESL. I modify lessons and assignments for students as needed.

During our unit on money, students applied their understanding by participating in a fun and engaging real-world scenario: shopping!

First they made a craft. One classroom made painted rocks, another class made bracelets, etc.

Then they put a price on their creations to sell to other students. Classes then rotated to each classroom with pretend money to "spend". Students had to subtract the amount they purchased and make sure they had enough, had money left over, etc.

Students really enjoyed this project because it related to real-world scenarios and gave excellent practice with adding, subtracting, and managing "money".

It's important that you feel comfortable and accepted when working together. Find a teacher that relates content to your interests and incorporates real world examples. I like to offer riddles and ice breakers to get to know my students in a fun way. I also provide lessons that are relevant and meaningful.

Be prepared to share with your teacher how you feel you learn best. Is it visual or auditory? Do you need the problem to be broken down into smaller steps? Do you focus better when instruction is broken into smaller chunks with hands-on practice in between?

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