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Offers online services


I am an energetic, passionate PhD student in engineering at Duke University. My approach to tutoring is infomed by 6+ years of tutoring a wide variety of subjects from Latin to Robotics to Biochemistry to Chemistry to Physics to Mathematics, with tutoree's ranging from middle-schoolers to college students I have always loved working with students in both bringing them up to speed on what they need to know for their classes, and expanding to learning beyond their curriculum if they are ready.

My particular specialty I have developed is working with students who need help with Math, Chemisty and Physics. As someone who has developed a deep knowledge of these fields in my education, I can help students understand why what their learning is both important and beautiful. As I teach, no stone is left unturned, developing the fundamentals of the subject the student might have missed earlier in their education. This helps them develop a deep understanding of the subject.

This past year I helped 5 different students in high-school chemistry, physics and mathematics. In all cases, whether starting from scratch or replacing a previous tutor, students saw their test scores improve. More importantly to me though, they became much more engaged with the subject, and went from dreading their class to looking forward our tutoring sessions.

My favorite part of tutoring is seeing a student grow from unengaged in a subject to personally invested in their own education. One of my best assets as a tutor is my passion for the subjects I help with. I find this passion is infectious, and my tutorees genuinely want to learn more when I am teaching.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

First I work with the parent to identify specific goals they have for their child. Outlining these goals upfront and mantaining good communication with parents is crucial to ensuring the right outcomes for their children are being met.  

If the goal is to improve performance/understanding on a subject they are currently being taught, I will usually start with some sort of assessment of the students current knowledge. This will give me a sense of where holes might need to be filled in for their basic understanding of the subject. After any holes have been filled in, we will usually get started on walking through that weeks class/HW, clearing up any mis-understandings and helping to contextualize the material in the scope of their course. I found that contextualizing a given week's lesson in the scheme of their course makes the student more receptive. 

As a current PhD student in engineering, I have been learning math, physics and chemistry for years, and have an deep knowledge of the subjects. I also have a great understanding of why the subjects are taught the way they are, and by conveying why a particular topic in a subject is covered the way it is, it helps clear up confusion the students might have. 

I have an hourly rate we will negotiate, and charges accrue only during time with the student, not for any prep work.

In high-school as a junior and senior I helped tutor the freshman and sophomores in Latin! I also mentored middle-school robotics clubs, which has been invaluable experience for tutoring as it taught me what makes middle-schoolers (particualrly boys) tick. And surpise suprise, it only took a little adjustment to make it work for high-schoolers also. 

Mostly high-school aged boys. I don't think this a coindicence as, in my experieince, what I truly provide is being a living role model of the "good student". These boys are able to see themsleves in me, and strive to be a little more like me. 

Ahhh. I was tutoring a child in chemistry and he seemed to be having a hard time conceptualizing why one reaction was different than another. So I took my laptop into my research lab with me and actually showed him both reactions in a flask over zoom. He was then able to visually see why the two types of reaction were different. He also seemed to like the changing colors.

Fit is most important. Most tutors know how to explain math/physics/chemistry reasonably well. The important part is ensuring the student is actually listening to the content being delivered. They only do that when they like their tutor and think they are genuinely trying to help them. 

Is this a course you are here to pass and never touch again, or is this course foundational to the rest of your education? The approach to tutoring are very different for those two situations. 

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