Tracey's Math And Sign Language Tutoring

Tracey's Math And Sign Language Tutoring

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Offers online services


I have always been an A student and loved math. I have a gift for teaching, and I help people understand math, not just memorize it. My passion is for education because I feel knowledge is power.

I have homeschooled for almost 30 years and raised several children who can do math easily. Recently I have been called upon to help tutor children in the new world we have found ourselves in.

I spent 15 years interpreting for the deaf. I am not from a deaf family; I only had a strong interest in the language when I was young. I was taken under the "wings" of the deaf community and learned most of my language and culture directly from them.

I love watching people flourish when they learn, and knowing that I had a part in their growth makes me happy.


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Kathy E.

She has the patience I pray for. She is so very good at explanations and instructions.
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September 13, 2021

Frequently asked questions

If I have a primary school, K-12 student, I like to give a brief placement test and establish their basic understanding. If I have the ability, I then help the student understand math before we begin. Then we get into the meat of the subject. 

If I am tutoring someone for college, then I again try to establish understanding. Still, as college is on an accelerated pace, I teach for understanding as we go along, knowing that someone enrolled in college has the ability to learn at a different pace.

For language, I like to keep it informal and teach by topic.

I have my basic high school education. But as a homeschooling mother of many children, I have a well-rounded understanding of different learning and teaching styles. I had helped just a few families homeschool their children when they wanted to switch over but felt incompetent to teach independently. I have some college and am currently enrolled in and more than halfway through my Associate of Arts in Business & Accounting, maintaining a 4.0GPA. As for sign language/ASL, initially, I was tutored by a licensed interpreter for 3 months, then I was "thrown into the fire" on my own. At that point, I was invited into the deaf community and taught everything else I knew from them. At deaf socials, they don't believe I am hearing.

I am starting low at $30/hr for what I believe my skill set provides. I am offering this price as I have only a small amount of experience in tutoring others. If I need to travel, I charge a flat fee, ranging from $20-$50

Almost 30 years ago, it just blossomed from my love to watch my children's eyes light up when they grew an understanding. This year it was by request of local people I know needing help for their children struggling in our new normal.

I have only worked with students in K-12th grades formally with math. And I have informally taught all types and ages sign language of various amounts.

I am fond of teaching children with little to no understanding of math and watching the sparkle in their eyes when they "get it." Before I taught them, they were afraid of math. Now it is the highlight of their week. I love to give people a new skill in language too. Although most that I have taught use it as an added interest, it is still satisfying to teach it.

Ask yourself if the teacher has the ability to create understanding in a way that does not make you fearful of numbers and equations.

What am I trying to understand and why? What do I know or understand, and what do I not know or understand? 

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