Need Help? Math Tutoring

Need Help? Math Tutoring

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Offers online services


I have been tutoring math for 3 years. I started out by volunteering at my high school to tutor younger students in courses like geometry and algebra, but I later advanced to tutoring students in calculus 1 and in high school and college. I have experience tutoring students ranging from 4th grade to freshmen in college. I am currently a mechanical engineering student at NC State University and I will be starting my second year in the fall. I have always had a great affinity for math ever since I was young, and I love spreading that passion and understanding to others. I may be young, but in my experience, being young has allowed me to relate to my students better so I'm not a boring tutor but rather someone who is easy to talk to.


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Dru M.

David was an excellent source of help for my son with math! He was polite, always on time, and went above and beyond making my child feel comfortable! We would recommend David to anyone!
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June 06, 2020

Frequently asked questions

If there is something specific the student needs help with I jump right into the subject and help them with that. If the student just needs help in general, I take a look at what they have been working on and I also give them a short test to see what they already know and what they need to work on. 

I am a mechanical engineering student, so I have taken advanced courses up to calculus 3. I took multiple advanced math courses in high school and I worked at the tutoring center at my school for not only math but also English. 

The pricing really depends upon the subject and the kind of help the student needs. If a student needs help just one time, it will be priced differently than a consistent job.

I have worked with many different types of students. I have worked with students who understand the material well, they just want some review or preparation for future courses. I have also worked with students who were placed in math courses too advanced for their level or just students who need a little assistance on homework or studying for their next test. 

Be willing to work hard and find someone you like. I have taught students who just did not want to be there, and those students are the hardest to teach because they do not want to learn. You must be open to advice and help. You are also going to be spending a lot of time with your tutor, so I would not suggest finding someone who may look good but in reality, they are hard to get along with. 

A student should ask themselves what specifically do they need help with. If a student struggles with math, there can be many things affecting the student. It could be an issue with fundamentals, I once taught a student in calculus 1 who was not comfortable with order of operations. This is a fundamental part of math that is a part of every course beyond 6th grade.

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