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Reading, Writing, Math And Test Prep Tutoring

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Hello! My name is Uma and I am a recent graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, one of the country's top Ivy League institutions. I graduated with a Bachelors in Biological Sciences and a minor in Chemistry, but am well versed in other fields such as Writing, Reading comprehension, Math etc. I have many previous tutoring experiences. These include:

- Employed as a tutor at SpiderSmart Learning Center (a private tutoring company). I worked with students ranging from elementary to high school, focusing on writing skills, reading comprehension, math (from foundational topics such as multiplication, division etc to geometry, algebra, calculus etc). My students all came from diverse backgrounds and had individual strengths and weaknesses I adapted to. I learned how to give each student personalized attention in a group setting, as well as how to multitask (teaching three different subjects at different levels to different students simultaneously and keeping track of each student's progress).

- A tutor as part of the Petey Greene Program, where I help reform education programs for the imprisoned population, arming them with the important foundational knowledge and vocational skills needed to assimilate into society.

- Test prep tutor (SAT, ACT, magnet program entrance exam): I scored highly on both exams when in high school and applying to colleges. I used the knowledge and study skills I gained and tutored high school students for the SAT and ACT. I also attended a well known Magnet Program in my area for high school, and tutored middle school students for the magnet entrance exam.

-A tutor at Upenn's Tutoring Center

I have had experience teaching students outside of academics as well!

- A Junior Archery Instructor for the Izaak Walton League of America Summer Archery Program. I would teach students ranging in age from toddlers to adults, primarily focusing on the teenage-adult group. I taught them the basics of form, follow through, aim, safety. etc.

I love seeing my students grow and succeed! I enjoy being able to see the looks on each students' face when they finally reach that moment of realization when the topic or problem makes sense. It is extremely gratifying to be the one to help them reach that point.

I know that each student is unique, and some may require different teaching approaches than others. From my experience, some students can be quick learners and absorb new information quickly, while others may continue to struggle with a concept for several sessions. I have learned to adapt my pace and approach to match the individual. Being able to help my students progress, be it quickly or slowly, never ceases to bring me joy.


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    April 13, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    I first get to know my student! I believe fostering an environment in which a student is comfortable expressing themselves is crucial. I gauge where their comprehension of the material lies and what learning methods they are most responsive to. I then formulate personalized study plans with worksheets, practice problems and lessons - all specific for my student's needs! 

    I have had many tutoring positions, the most recent being as a private STEM tutor for an after-school academic and sports program. In this position I worked with students both one-on-one and in group settings. My students were of various ages and had different grasps of the material - thus I tailored my approaches with each student accordingly. Some worked very well with visual representations/simulations, while others were able to better grasp a concept when provided with an analogy and examples.  Working with such wonderful, bright students was a very gratifying experience and only strengthened my passion for teaching!

    There is more information on my other tutoring experiences available in my bio!

    I do not have a standard pricing system. I will communicate with each student individually regarding the price of the lessons. 

    I began teaching in informal settings, as a private tutor for family friends who requested assistance preparing for standarized tests (SAT and magnet school entrance exams). This helped me realize my passion for teaching, which I expanded on as a private tutor at SpiderSmart (more on this in bio). Since then, I have had diverse tutoring experiences, all of which have introduced me to amazing students of all ages and backgrounds. 

    I have worked with students of various ages, ranging from pre-k/kindergarten to high school students. The students I tutor come from diverse backgrounds, which I have learned to recognize and take into account when teaching. Some of my students have also had learning disabilities. I was able to fully support them by adapting my teaching approaches to best suit their needs. 

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