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Offers online services
Offers online services


Since I love teaching, I enjoy while with the students. I have a lot of patience to listen to students. Usually, I listen to the students most of the time. I started tutoring in India first.

When I say something to my students it touch their hearts and mind.

I love helping people in general. It does not matter who they are. I love to guide them. I love to listen their stories. The more I listen to them the more it is easier to guide them.

I started counseling people including students here and overseas. Majority of students are not sure what they want.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

1. Expectations/Assessment: Usually I ask student what they want to learn in terms of the subject. How much they want to learn. What are their weaknesses and strengths? I will ask an example of the problem or concept they have difficulties. I ask them to start doing a problem and pay attention to how long  they take to go to the next line. The time they take to write the next line is directly related to the level of understanding. Depends on how  long they take I consturct another problem and ask them to do. This  will allow me to assess a student's strengths and weaknesses fast and I know where to start with them.

2. Confidence Level: I believe every students can achieve A or develop anough confidence to get A in the subject. IT depends on the teacher. Teaching is a science but more an art. You can be a Phd and one of the worst teacher. On the other hand you finish a subject and become a wonderful teacher. I love teaching since my childhood.

I have a B.S degree in Mathematics from University of Maryland. I have been tutoring for many years. I have experience tutoring Math on Phone also. I am a gifted teacher. My students love my teaching.

I do not have a standard pricing system for lessons.

It is in my blood. I have been doing this since my childhood. As a matter of fact I started counseling about 10 years ago. In general I love to help people including students.

I enjoy working with those students much more who are struggling in Math.

I worked with many different kinds of students. Some are so knowledeable that I have to say one word and they understand exactly what to do next. The other extreme was with those when I had to give example after example to make things clear. My strength is I do not get frustrated and angry if the students do not understand quickly. Majority of the students fall in between.

One student told me "I wish I had you as my teacher much earlier".

One parent ask my student about my teaching infront of me and he gave a satisfactory smile.

You must know that he/she understands you enough without you telling him everything. You start a sentence about the problem and he/she get it right away.

He/she must know where to start with you.

I encourage students to ask specific questions. 
The students should be clear about the problem or needs. The student would know better what he/she wants to acheive. The student should be clear how far he/she wants to go in the subject.

The student will be more clear in their needs when they put some hours toward actually doing it.

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