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Offers online services
Offers online services


Each student is unique and has a unique way of learning, and I teach with this idea at the heart. In general, I start with the high level concepts, the ideas behind what is being taught, and the history of how it was learned, along with its practical applications. As more is taught and details are included, I link the details to the bigger picture, and point out patterns and draw connections between the current information being learned, and past knowledge taught. The goal at the end is for the student to have a full, well connected, both concrete and abstract understanding of the topics taught and how to apply them both in the context they are taught, and beyond.

I love the satisfaction of seeing a student go from struggling to succeeding, in terms of more than just grades, but also outlook and approach to the subject and if applicaple life more generally.


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Offers online services

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The first step is to asses the acedemic needs of the student, and understand the full scope the the student's goals. Second, I want to know the student- what makes them passionate, what they dream and what type of person they want to be. Given this info, each students lessons will be taylored to invididually match that student. 

I'm president and lead designer of a video game studio, and I love both learning and teaching.

-Attended Carnegie Mellon University for a double major in Biology and Computer sciences, and a Masters in Software Engineering

-Was invited to present my paper in a graduate class on Project management for tech. Executives

-Have run multiple crowdfunding campaigns and lead teams of 30+ people while also working in coding

-I'm an Eagle Scout and have coached ski racing for 4 years, so I have a lot of experience dealing with kids (9-19)

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