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Offers online services


Having a background in speech, language, reading and processing makes it possible for me to work with those children and adults who are challenged from the most severe to the those with a targeted issue. ESL is a strong area for me. I work on all areas of communication with clients to be adept at communication in American Standard English. It is wonderful to see someone emerge as a great communicator!

Most reading specialists are trained in that area whereas I am trained in the underlying foundation of reading and writing as well as syntax, semantics and pragmatics. This means that I can create an environment of change for children and adults.

I am on LinkedIn as Leslie Asher and have a website which will show some of the skills and experience that

I have.

I have a passion for my work because I have a gift to understand where a student is, emotionally and in terms of what his or her goals really are. I know how to create success even if its in small steps. This approach gives encouragement to the student to continue on inspite of the challenges that he or she faces. We are like team. We do it together.


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    I talk with the student or client and find out what is his or her goal. Whether I am in their presence or online, the getting to know time is most important. Once we agree on what we can accomplish, we must determine how much homework is possible to add to his or her existing load to achieve the goals.

    I have a Bachelors Degree from Boston Univiersity and a Masters Degree from Teachers College, Columbia University.

    My continuing education has been in all areas of reading, writing , language processing and I have worked with students, children and adults for 25 years

    There are times that I provide a sliding scale but my fee is 75.00 per hour. I do not charge for driving and I will try to work around the student's schedule. I will use the materials the student wishes to use and when the student does not have materials I will provide access to some of the best products that suit the client's needs that are on the market. These tools may be considered by the client to help move him or her closer to the attainment of goals quicker. The goal that I have is to provide the student with the quickest, economical

    approach to achieve the results the student wants.

    I started as a Speech Pathologist and worked with students for long times. Therapy would take years and I have found that it does not have to take that long when proper new products can step into the treatment to reduce the need for therapy.

    Tools empower the student to achieve results quicker while maintaining their oversight by me.

    I have worked with students on all levels of the spectrum of Autism. I have seen those with physical or organic difficutles and those with emotional difficulties.

    I have worked with adults who are Vets and those who have had strokes or neuromusculare disorders as well as students with no organic and no emotional difficulties. I believe that if I can be successful with the most difficult challenging students then I certainly can make progress with those who are simply having difficulty learning how to read.

    I saw my great nephew today for the first time. This baby turned one year old today. He is so amazing. He was so interested in looking at me and playing with my keys. He was joyful to be with. He is peaceful and happy. I enjoyed him as he messed up all over me. I felt natural and just wanted to take him home with me.

    I would suggest that the student should look for a tutor that he or she is comfortable with. The student should be able to be with someone who is on his or her team and is not judgemental or too autocratic.

    I would advice the student to find out what qualifies the tutor to work with him or her but most of all if he or she feels safe then the student will be able to make great progress with an organized accepting tutor.

    The studet should ask him or herself about"What bothers me the most? What do I want to be able to do? How much do I need to get done so that my teacher and my parents see my progress?" "What do I want to be when I am out of school?" What skills do I need?"

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