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Offers online services


I am a Biology major at the University of Florida who has taken all the classes you need help with. In high school I took over 15 college level classes and graduated in the top 3% of my graduating class. I also was a tutor for Kumon diring my senior year in high school. This gives me a specialized skillset in helping you pass your class because I have excelled in that curriculum myself and can teach you the exact tips and tricks you need to pass your tests.

I truly enjoy the feeling of helping people figure out how to solve problems themselves. In my past jobs as a tutor, there was no feeling better than the satisfaction I got when my students went from struggling to being able to solve complex algebra problems by themselves with ease.


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Offers online services


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Anna S.

Hired through FB and posting review here** She is an excellent tutor, very engaging and helped my son get an A on his Algebra 1 test (previously C student). Took the time to simplify concepts and explain why an answer is right rather than just telling him the right answer
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March 10, 2022


Very professional and knowledgeable, engages with pupils
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August 12, 2020


The curriculum was extremely personalized to what my child needed. Also she was exceptionally easy and kind to work with.
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March 30, 2020

Frequently asked questions

First I like to get to know what kind of teaching style they respond to best, then I create a plan of action tailored to their needs, then I offer any additional help they need with the curriculum to make sure they feel comfortable with the subject.

I was a tutor for Kumon for over a year until I moved to another city to start college.  I am a Biology major who graduated high school with a 3.97 unweighted GPA and in the top 3% of my school.  I took 12 college-level courses in high school and got an A in every one of them.  In my free time, I enjoy bettering taking part in academic and research tournaments. 

I usually charge between $10 to $20 an hour, however it varies per subject and number of sessions needed.

I started teaching by tutoring my friends in subjects they were struggling in such as chemistry, precalc, and the SAT.  Then I got a job with Kumon where I honed my teaching skills

I have worked with students of all ages from elementary school to high school, across various core subjects.

Ask many questions before you decide to hire someone and choose whoever you are most comfortable with and can help you the most.

What is the academic goals you are trying to achieve by getting a tutor?  

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