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Hi, my name is David Udumyan. I'm a scientist with extensive background, including two PhD.s, in Mathematics and in Physics. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with others. Teaching is an important part of my work that I enjoy and take seriously. I work with students, who need help with university(or high school) math courses or programming in MATLAB, and with professionals in industries who need help with specific topics in mathematics, projects that involve mathematics, mathematical modeling, etc. Currently I do research in both theoretical and applied mathematics, in particular: algebraic geometry; one-dimensional and multi-dimensional interpolation and approximation(which include methods for curve fitting and data fitting), time series extrapolation and forecasting. Below is a description of my teaching experience, background relevant projects.

Tutoring/teaching experience:
I have over 10 years experience tutoring, including (most resent) teaching at the University of Miami(USA) and (previous) teaching at the National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI"(Russia, Moscow). I live in Miami(since 2013) in case you consider in-person tutoring, though online tutoring is more preferable for me. Some key factors of my teaching approach: providing complete understanding of theory and theoretical fundamentals; providing abstract and real life examples for better insight;  helping students to connect different math subjects they learned with the ones they are learning; providing with computer program codes(if needed) for complex mathematical calculations; and more importantly making the learning enjoyable! I have over 20 years programming experience in MATLAB.

I got my PhD in Mathematics from University of Miami, where I graduated with the following awards:
· Award of Academic Merit Mathematics Major;
· Arts and Sciences Dissertation Award.
In my theses I solved the "Extension Problem for Flexible Varieties"
I got my PhD in Physics form National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI"(Russia, Moscow) and graduated with the following awards:
· Certificate of Merit for winning 11th "International Conference of Young Scientists and Students" ;
· Award for the work "Methods of Anomaly Detection in Chaotic Time Series with High Noise Levels" presented at the 10th "International Conference of Young Scientists and Students" ;
· Award for the work "The equilibrium of plasma configuration in the vicinity of current carrying     conductor" presented at the scientific session "MEPhI-2010"
· Award for the work "The use of the metric analysis for function interpolation with one and several variables" presented at the scientific session "MEPhI-2011
In my theses I created and developed models that allowed to reduce errors, while restoring energy field distribution, in certain types of nuclear reactors.

I have multiple publications in the mathematics and physics journals, participated in many scientific conferences, and a coauthor of two books.
        Some of my(Udumyan D. K.) publications:
· Kryanev A. V., Udumyan D. K., Metric analysis, properties and applications as a tool for interpolation. Int. Journal of Mathematical Analysis, (2014), 8 (45), 2221 - 2228.
· Kryanev A. V., Udumyan D. K., Metric analysis, properties and applications as a tool for smoothing. Int. Journal of Mathematical Analysis, (2014), 8 (47), 2337-2346.
· Kryanev A. V., Udumyan D. K., Metric analysis, properties and applications as a tool for forecasting. Int. Journal of Mathematical Analysis, (2014), 8 (60), 2971-2978.
· Kryanev A. V., Udumyan D. K., Kurchenkov A.Y., Gagarinskiy A. A. Determination of power distribution in the VVER-440 core on the basis of data from in-core monitors by means of a metric analysis. Physics of Atomic Nuclei, (2014), Volume 77, Issue 14, 1651-1655.
· Borog V.V., Kryanev A.V., Udumyan D.K. Combined method of the identication of hidden anomalies in the variations of galactic cosmic rays. Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, v. 51, 4, (2011), p. 1-8.
· Kryanev A. V., Lukin G. V., Udumyan D. K. Metric Analysis and Data Processing. Moscow: Fizmatlit, 2012.
· Kharitonov V. V., Udumyan D. K., others. Economical and analytical models of nuclear energy development dynamics. Monograph. Under the editorship of professor V. V. Kharitonov. Moscow: MEPhI Eds., 2012.

Results of my research were applied in various projects, including projects in finance and economics. In particular, I was an executive of the following projects(where I created mathematical models, algorithms, as well as computer program packages in MATLAB for their realization):
· “Development of Economical and Mathematical Model of Forecasting Prices on Natural Uranium Concentrate Market” - for TENEX, Joint-Stock Company.
· “On the basis of selecting algorithms for dening anomalies of energy elds distributions in active zones of nuclear reactors” for Kurchatovskiy Research Institute
· “Development of Methods and Computer Program Packages for Uncertain Data Processing, Analysis and Forecasting of the State of Lithosphere and Biosphere,” - for The Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation
· “Recovery of Power Density Field in Active Zones of Nuclear Reactors in Accordance with Readings of In-Core Detection Sensors by means of Metric Analysis” - Nuclear Technologies Engineering Center

I am looking forward to share with you my knowledge and experience. I'll help you to succeed in your study, test preparation, research and career.

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