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Offers online services


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I started my tutoring career after many years of working as a chemist for companies such as Ciba-Corning Dianostics & Southern Californina Gas Co. I got trained & certified as a tutor by Applied Scholatics over a decade ago. It was through their training that I learned to teach kids K-8 how to recognize the barriers to learning & how to remedy them.

I teach my students how to master their basic tools (Phonics, Reading, Grammar, Writing, Comprehension, Math) & help them to use effectively what they learn.

My teaching & study methods emphasize the understanding & the practical application of what has been learned. My ultimate goal in tutoring is to help my students to become life long self-learner & independent thinker.


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14 years in business
Serves Clearwater, FL
Offers online services

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    Cindy E.

    Bahram is one of the most caring and giving individuals that I have ever met. He has brought joy and continual progress to my son’s education. He is supportive, reassuring, and a complete advisor in every respect to the well-being and educational fortitude of my child. My son has progressed into an individual who is self-reliant and is able to study on his own and has broken through barriers unlike anything I have ever seen. He has literally moved through several grade levels of reading. He has attained a college level math aptitude. Our family is indebted to Bahram for his continued care through the years. We have fostered an ever-lasting bond with him and know that we can contact him at any time to further my son’s education as needed. Thank you Bahram. We really appreciate everything you’ve done to create a prosperous future for my son. You have made learning fun for my son. He feels safe to share his concerns with you and considers you a mentor and a friend. Bahram is also a great basketball player. I had to include that. Love you Bahram!
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    September 04, 2020


    Bahram is amazing at controlling the attention of my 7 year old without her even knowing shes being controlled. She went from having difficulty reading = not wanting to read to having a love for books and reading.
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    September 02, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    I usually like to start by interviewing both parents and student to find out what’s needed.Then I have the student to take series of assessments depending on the subject(s) he or she desires to improve. Finally, according to the results of the assessment(s) I prepare a tailored learning plan to accomplish the established goals.

    Before getting trained & certified by Applied Schalostics Int. As a tutor I was a chemist for 15 years. By being a chemist I gained experience on the area of applied math & science. And through my training at APS Int. I learned how to teach my students not only the basic subjects but also the barriers to learning. Once my students learn how to recognize the barriers to learning & how to remedy them, they study effectively & can apply what they study to life.

    I usually charge $50/hour of tutoring session. If the distance is usually far I add $5 dollars for gas.

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