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Offers online services
Offers online services


Focused math tutoring to the specific needs of each pupil.

I am a Gainesville native having attended Kindergarten though High School here in town, and I am a graduate of the University of Florida. I am currently an attorney for the Guardian ad Litem Program, where I have a duty to promote the best interests of the child(ren) that I am appointed to represent. I plan to do the same with my tutoring efforts.

I want the best possible results for my clients. I want them to actually have fun during their tutoring experience and be proud of their corresponding accomplishments.

I am new to the tutoring profession, but I know that I will do my best to help those that I tutor.


1 employee
1 year in business
Serves Gainesville , FL
Offers online services

Payment methods

Check, Venmo, Paypal


Grade level

Pre-kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, High school, College / graduate school, Adult learner

Type of math

General arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry

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    Frequently asked questions

    Uncover needs and concerns. 

    Make a set schedule for tutoring sessions that corresponds with the pace of the class and the needs of the student. Adapt to any changes or additional needs.

    Review progress and update plan as needed.

    Addtionally, I think it is important to have the sessions focus on the individual needs of the particluar student.

    I want the student (my client) to reach and/or exceed their goals. 

    I am a Florida Bar licensed attorney with experience in Family Law, Dependency, and other fields. I was an excellent math student in my scholastic days and took every mathematics course offered in high school. I have always enjoyed teaching and hope to help children that struggle with mathematics. 

    I do not have a set pricing system but expect to start at around $50 per hour. I would only want to continue tutoring if it benefitted my client, the student.

    I began doing training seminars with my first career (insurance). I enjoyed it and my students did too. I have always enjoyed discussion and learning. 

    I am new to tutoring, but have helped people of all ages and walks of life with many different things throughout my career.

    My time at Florida during the football and basketball championships was an amazing experience. 

    More recently, I have done some traveling to Europe, which was fantastic.

    Take your time, ask hard questions, and make sure you get someone capable of understanding the material and communicating with you, the student. Your progress and accomplishments are the number one priority.

    They should make sure to be appropriate and respectful, but otherwise just honestly communicate your goals and struggles. Listen to the advice and don't be afraid to ask others also.

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