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Creative Bridges

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Have you ever given up on yourself? Have you ever just believed you couldn't do it or aren't smart enough. Well I am here to prove you wrong!

I am an energetic leader and student-centered teacher who will not disappoint. I have what it takes and will break it down however creatively we need to go. I will encourage you, teach you and challenge you with determination and sensitivity, so that we grow together and make sure to meet you where you are at. Don't believe the lies you tell yourself- you are unique and full of potential.

I am someone who naturally sees other people's strengths and enjoy fostering that growth and self-confidence. Too often a person gives up on themselves because they simply weren't taught in a way that they would understand. I am here to be sensitive and effective, preventing lies and cultivating resilience to begin unlocking how YOU or YOUR CHILD best learns.


3 years in business
Serves Colorado Springs , CO
Offers online services

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    Charlotte M.

    What an amazing, patient, and caring person to be your tutor! I couldn’t recommend a better one!
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    May 17, 2020

    Anne B.

    Abigail Briggs thinks outside the box, notices and studies her student for their particular bent in learning, and never tires from encouraging, engaging, and teaching her students.
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    May 16, 2020

    P. B.

    She is attentive to my childs way of learning and is passionate and creative!
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    May 16, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    First, I like to establish a relationship with the youth or child by diving in creatively and engagingly. I like to explore with them to understand how they best learn and what they are interested. This will equip me to be the best tutor I can be and provide a solid foundation for learning!

    I have over 10 years experience teaching or tutoring all ages and backgrounds. I've tutored Math, English, Organization Skills, ESL, Piano, and GED Prep. I specialize as a math and english interventionist, but have also taught highly differentiated classes in youth prisons. My degree is in Intercultural Communications, I have a Substitute Authorization, and I have over 10 years of training in specialized education. 

    Yes, my standard pricing system is per hour, and I charge $40/hour for quality student-centered tutoring. If you choose more or less than one hour, it is a standard rate, and so $20/half-hour, $60/an hour and a half, and $80/two hours.

    I am very generous with my time and will be sure to wrap things up in an appropriate manner for no charge. 

    I was a 10th grader in high school and a friend came up to me and simply asked, "Hey, you like Math, can you tutor my little sister in it? She is struggling a lot." I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I discovered I loved it. I love building a relationship with a person who needs their strengths encouraged. I love building confidence and creativity and helping a person realize it's ok to make mistakes, all that matters is that you try your best. Keep taking steps, you are fully capable and we will take the time to help you learn!

    I've worked with all ages. I've worked in people's homes with young children, middle schoolers, and high schoolers. I've taught my own classroom in English, Math, Music, and Art in youth prisons. I've taught elderly and older resettled refugees ESL in their homes, at libraries, and at a local church. I've also taught refugees in camps in Greece. I am open to trying to help anyone and specialize in middle school.

    Recently, I had a delicious meal with my family and friends, and there was love and laughter and music and dancing, all in pure and hopeful spirits. I cherish this memory.

    If you are reading this answer, then you are a student or parent who cares about their future. A teacher or tutor can be so helpful for so many reasons, but please choose the right one! Look for a someone who encourages you in your strengths, finds different ways of explaining things, asks you questions, interacts with you imaginatively and comes prepared.

    Find someone who exudes grace, encouragement, and creativity! Because this person will help you beyond the material and guide you into becoming the resilient, kind person you are!

    What are you passionate about?

    What classes in school have you liked or disliked and why?

    What skills outside of school have you seen yourself learn? How did that make you feel?

    How do you like to learn? If you don't know, that's ok! We'll find out together :) There are so many ways to learn: you can listen, write, watch, interact, build, create, integrate... you learn in multiple ways and once you find out how, you will be unstoppable!

    What is your favorite movie and book and why?

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    What is your favorite season of the year and why?

    ...and so many more!

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