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Lauren Owens Tutoring

Offers online services
Offers online services


I am a graduate student, currently attending the University of Denver. As I am still in college, I find that I can relate to students and can put myself in their shoes. This helps me identify their tutoring needs. I attended a liberal arts college in Rochester, NY prior to moving to Denver. That experience offered me an opportunity to take a variety of classes, all of which contribute to my ability to tutor in many areas and subject matters. Please feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile and access more information pertaining to my career and experiences!

I enjoy having an opportunity to work with students, and hopefully positively impact their lives. I believe tutoring is about much more than just helping with a difficult subject. As a tutor, I think it is important that I behave and act as a positive role model, and offer academic help in whatever subjects necessary. Throughout my undergraduate experience, I spent time tutoring in local schools and was able to work with a diverse group of students. What I enjoyed most was watching as students gained confidence over the weeks, and began to trust their abilities. It was always difficult to move on to another group of students, but I was proud when past students voiced their confidence and looked forward to proceeding on their own.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

When working with a student it is important that I find a way to connect with them. The first step in the process is finding an area of common ground. This includes discussing interests outside of school. Once a connection is made, students tend to feel more comfortable and are more likely to trust my ability. Then, I must identify the student's areas of weakness. It is important to find all of these areas, since many subject areas can be dependent on one another. Included in this process is the exposure of a student's particular learning style(s) and techinques that may be more successful than others. Once I have this information I can use the student's personal interests, areas of weakness, and individual learning style to prepare lesson plans designed to address the needs of each individual. 

As an undergraduate student, I spent four years tutoring in local schools. I had an opporunity to work with students of all ages, across many different subject areas. I feel that my expereince tutoring in the past has provided me the best training for tutoring in the future.

I have a flat rate of $30/hour. I may adjust the price as a I deem appropriate for each individual student based on student behavior, participation, etc. Any changes in rate will be discussed prior to the change being made.

When attending my undergraduate university, I was part of a scholarship program which offered students an opportunity to tutor in a variety of local schools. When I first began, I never imagined how much I would enjoy working with the students and the impact tutoring would have on my life. I hope that I can continue to provide tutoring services and develop my passion further as I complete my graduate degree.

I have tutored students of all ages. This includes Kindergarten through high school. My time in the local schools of Rochester, NY provided me an opportunity to work with students with diverse backgrounds and circumstances.

I recently moved to Denver in order to complete my graduate degree. I am fortunate that my younger sister decided to move with me. We recently attended a football game at the Air Force Academy. They were playing CSU, and it was freezing outside. Despite the cold temperatures, I enjoyed this adventure because it was a chance to get out of Denver, explore a new place, and watch some great football. The best part was that I got to share all of that with my sister.

My advice to students is to hire a tutor that the feel they can trust and respect. Students need to select a tutor that fits their personality and learning style the best. There are many great tutors out there, but not all tutors are great for every student.

Students need to reflect on their academic experiences and be honest with themselves about their areas of weakness. Students should consider all subject areas and quesiton how confident they feel with each subject. It is up to the student to determine if they feel comfortable with the content. Students should also consider which assignments they have enjoyed most, and any lessons they found particularly interesting. That may help students and tutors identify which teaching styles and assignments will be most effective throughout the learning process.

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