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Richard S.

When you are not a math major, but required to fulfill credits in the subject, there is nothing more intimidating than that midterm or final. Luckily, there are people like Raymond Carty to personally coach students into strengthening the left side of the brain. The first thing that is required of any tutor is being personable. The second most important thing that students rely on in tutors is being extremely knowledgeable in their field. The third thing that students need from a tutor is the ability to demystify the subject for non-majors of the field. Ray embodies all three of these qualities as a person, and as a math tutor.
Heavy were my eye lids as I sit in the sweltering Hawaiian heat, in a crumbling classroom without air conditioning. The professor demonstrates math computation on the board, as my vision begins to blur. The chalk continues to scratch the board. My eyes close. I just cannot connect to this subject on the personal level. It does not click with me.
After class is over, I ask Ray, the university TA, for some help learning the subject. I was a serious student who wanted to pass the class, but I just needed some extra academic support. Ray is easily approachable, and an all round jolly individual to be around. He has a passion for his field that just radiates out of his being, and leaks onto those who he tutors. He is easy to speak with and a very positive person.
Ray is very knowledgeable in his field of study. He would show me math computation pertaining to what we were currently learning. That made my fully confident in him as an intellectual authority on the subject, and made me feel confident in myself that I can learn math.
Finally, Ray had a way of demystifying the material, a way of explaining it to me that I can understand, learn, and demonstrate the skill. Professors (and teachers) can be intimidating by presenting the material in a much more highly advanced application. Ray did not make math scary, like many educators do. He made it to where I can understand it, enjoy it, and be successful in the classroom.
I highly recommend Raymond Carty. If you are looking for someone to help you learn math vocabulary or computation, or are simply just trying to get through that test, Ray is a very personable, knowledgeable, and effective communicator of this field of study.
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January 07, 2019

Daniel M.

Raymond was extremely patient and kind, and worked hard with me to help me with linear algebra and multivariable calculus concepts. He was determined and always taught me in a clear and consistent manner. He truly was a remarkable tutor, and would not have passed my course without his help.
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January 06, 2019

Frequently asked questions

Find out if they know nomenclature of what they don't understand. Find out if they have read the content. 

Explain the content. Show the content. Observe students attempt the content and assist along their processing. Memorization drills of defintions, Theorems, conditions, mnemonics, identities. Review logic and ideas behing the exercise, show relation to other math. Inform of frequency of future appearance in other courses and academic studies. 

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics:                                        University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Calculus Teacher at a private school in Bel Air, CA.

Seven years of employed tutor work experience.  

330 - 630 pm is usually the higher rates due to demand, traffic instensity and risk of commute. 

AP courses, Honors courses are usuually at the higher rates.

Minimum session lengths are 1.5 hours.

I was recruited into teaching by the former Dean of Education of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. While working on my math degree, many classmates to my surprise offered to hire me to tutor them.

Majority of my clients have been high school students. University students, or undergradutes are the next largest group. I also tutor middle school students and working adults. I have helped veterans, exam prep clients such as ASVAB, SAT, ACT, CHSPE, IEEE, MCAT, CBEST, etc.

For two years I supported and participated in the Hawaii public schools Math camps. Many of the ideas for the events came from me and a few colleagues.

Give your tutor of choice the name of the topics that you are working on or studying: The sophistication level of the topic will be an indicator about the length of the session. Try to read about the topic before hiring a tutor, be patient if you don't understand at first. Read it again. Watch online video explanations by other tutors before hiring a tutor. Try talking to classmates who may understand the topic before hiring a classmate. Email your teachers questions or ask them directly. 

What is the most important aspect or topic?

Which topic, feature, or aspect of the math has a high frequency of re-occuring as you move on to future math courses?

What math concept or idea means?

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