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Elementary To High School Math And Computer Science Tutoring

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have had a passion for tutoring ever since I started helping my younger sister after she consistently struggled on her own in math. The look on her face when the numbers finally stared to make sense was all I needed to know how much I loved tutoring, and the pride I saw in her when she went from a C student to an A student made my heart sing. From then on, I knew tutoring was something I needed to continue doing.

In 2015 I received my CRLA certification for tutoring while working for a year as a tutor in Math, as well as other subjects, at the MiraCosta Community College before transferring to UCSD. At UCSD I continued tutoring by becoming a teacher’s assistant for various classes while only receiving unneeded class credit; I truly just wanted to be able to help students because it was what I loved to do. In 2018 I graduated from UCSD with honors with a continued passion for tutoring.

After helping my sister for several months, she no longer needed a tutor beside her, and now, only comes to me when she has a specific math question. This is because my goal is to not only help students in the subject they struggle with, but to help build study habits that will enable them to become independent in the future in tackling any academic difficulty. My little sister was the first person to benefit from my teachings. During the years after, I have helped many others become just as successful when struggling with math and I wish to bring this same level of success to your child as well!

I am happiest the moments I know one of my students get that smile on their face when everything begins to make sense!


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Maria M.

Lara was a miracle worker for my daughter! She struggled and hated math and we could not figure out how to help so once our Kelsey got to middle school we just had to look for a tutor. Within the first two lessons with Lara, I saw my daughter gain confidence with math. Within a month my daughter went from failing math to getting As! We couldnt believe it!
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April 06, 2020

Neda D.

Lara is amazing and knowledgeable. She is extremely patient and will gladly explain a concept over and over again until the concept and topic is understood. All tutors should be like Lara because she is truly the best!
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February 11, 2019

Thalia M.

Lara is very helpful! I always had issues with math but she explains everything so clearly and has so many tricks she taught me that are extremely helpful! One time I went two weeks in Algebra 2 not understanding a single thing and had a test in two days. She sat down and taught me EVERYTHING in 2 hours and made sure I was ready! I couldnt believe how easy she made it! I ended up getting the highest grade in the class for that test! I would definitely recommend her!
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February 11, 2019

Frequently asked questions

1) Make the student feel comfortable in whatever way possible. Typically students are not happy to be doing something they struggle with and may even be nervous or scared because they don't want to look "stupid" or "dumb".

2) Make sure to let the student know it is ok and completely normal to be struggling, this usually goes hand in hand with making the student feel more comfortable.

3) Figure out how the student learns best. There are many ways to teach a single thing. A lot of time when working students, I have noticed the reason they struggle so much is simply because they have not figured out the best way to learn for them. My job is to figure out that way, use it to help them, and then help them help themselves by using their learning style.

4) Lastly, whether a student is grasping material very quickly or struggling even with my guidance, I try to give them as much positive feedback as possible, so that they know they are doing a good job.

CRLA Tutoring Certification

AA in Liberal Arts with an Emphasis in Math and Science

BS in Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience

Rates depend on what the student needs. If a student is more than a 20min drive away, I charge an additional $5 for gas. 

Group tutoring rates will depend on the number of students; for tutoring (not review) purposes, I try not to exceed more than 4 students, otherwise enough attention cannot be given to each student.

I started tutoring my younger sister when I was in middle school. In high school I started tutoring my own classmates. When I got to college, I became a tutor at school and later branched off with my own clients.

Elementary age, middle schoolers, high schoolers, college students (age 18 and up).

Going to Europe with my family and getting lost during a drive around the borders of Italy.

Finding a good tutoring is like finding a friend. Not everyone is going to work well with you; so, if it so happens that a tutor is not able to help, keep looking for another that does. Also, make sure a tutor is always building you up and never making you feel dumb. 

Are there specific things I am struggling with in this subject? If so what are they? And what is the best way to explain to my tutor what I am struggling with?

Do I know what way I learn best? Can I describe it to my tutor?

Do I know what learning methods do not work for me? Can I describe them to my tutor?

What have I already tried on my own that I can inform my tutor about?

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