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Offers online services


I have experience as a writing tutor from kindergarten all the way to grad-level. I am a strong writer and can guide you on your writing process with ease. I have turned writing into a passion and am a future law school student!

I enjoy helping people succeed and learn to love their studies. Watching students open up and become more confident in themselves and their work is what makes being a teacher so rewarding.


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Roman N.

She was dedicated to my learning. She was always encouraging me to be better, and achieve my goals.
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March 28, 2020

Frequently asked questions

When working with a new student it is important to access their level and determine what areas we need to work on together in our sessions. By reading through their old work together, I work with the student to identify areas we need to focus on the most. 

I have experience teaching reading and writing to students at a kindergarten level all the way to students in a master's program. I have a BA in political science and will be attending law school this upcoming school year. 

My standard pricing is $30/hour. 

I started teaching in 2010 when I went to Tibet, China for a service project with my internatinoal high school, Appleby College. This trip provided me with my first taste as an English tutor to ESL students at the middle school level. After this experience, I went on a volunteer trip to Spain where I was a ESL teacher to high school level students. After graduating high school, I took my first paid position as a tutor for a family in the UK with a child with autism. Once at university, I progressed to teaching English at the university level. I taught English as a private distance education tutor to students at the Master's level in the UK. 

While in China, I worked with students at a boarding school who were very shy and had a low-grade understanding of English. In order to make the students feel more engaged and at home we would frequently sing songs in English to help make them feel more comfortable in their new environment.

When I was in Spain, I worked with more rowdy high school aged students who did not express a keen interest in learning. In order to encourage them, we frequently would work out doors and would orchestrate hands-on activities during our lessons. 

During my time in the UK, I was a private tutor for a young boy with severe autism and ADHD. To keep him motivated and on task, we we take reward breaks where we would draw or play with the soccer ball. 

As a distance tutor for students completing their Master's in the UK, we had a different rapport than my previous students. They were highly motivated and easily took constructive criticism on their writing assignments.

This past winter, I was tutoring an adult in grade 12 English. Teaching to a continuing education student has been very motivating and inspiring.  

Most recently, I have worked for an online ESL school based in Vietnam teaching underprivledged children ages 12-13.

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