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Offers online services


Regardless of what kind of personality each student has, I always succeed in helping students reach their goals. I provide both an entertaining and insightful learning experience.

My favorite part about working as a teacher and tutor is seeing students reach an epiphany, where they piece together the concepts and realize why something is the way it is.


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Offers online services

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    Megumi O.

    My son studied outside U.S before we moved to here,where he is now a freshman in high school. For the first few weeks, he couldn’t got well because he had learned a different Math curriculum in his International School that follows International Baccalaureate Diploma.
    He needed help and fortunately we found Alex. My son studied for one hour with Alex as a trial session. He provided concise and understandable explanations. Over time, Math became easier and fun subject for him so much so that he even likes Math and enjoy it now. In the end of semester1, he finished with the best grade. Then he received a important letter from his school district yesterday. They are offering an advanced Math course for him in this summer. Of course my son will register this course and he’ll do his best effort in it. If we couldn’t met Alex, my son’s grade is still C or D now and he didn’t receive that letter.
    While also being a remarkable Math tutor, Alex has also provide to be effective in tutoring other subjects, such as language arts, biology, and even debate and public speaking.
    We truly appreciate the work and effort Alex has put into improving my son.
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    February 10, 2019
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    Parth S.

    Working with Alex on SAT Math, and Highschool math up to Pre Calcus was very interactive. Interactive in the sense that each type of problem we worked on was realistically put, giving a clear picture of what was being solved. Each method was not simply taught like a formula, the way he taught it gave a clear understanding of what was going on. Working on Math with Alex was a great experience as it provided me to view each and every single problem through a variety of perspectives, I wish I had known of before. Since, 9th grade I despised math because I could not understand the material, but later after being tutored by Alex, my opinion and my view on Math completely changed. I started seeing problems as a fun challenge, instead of a chore. I recommend Alex to people who want to excel, people who need a push to start.
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    February 09, 2019

    Michelle O.

    Great tutor!
    Alex is a wonderful tutor! He is very intelligent and fun to work with.
    He always came prepared to teach and was very good at it! He helped my daughter understand the concepts of Algebra 1 better and when she didn’t understand something, Alex would stop and spend as much time needed until my daughter fully understood a specific idea or concept. It was a honor to have Alex as a teacher! My husband and I highly recommend him!
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    January 13, 2019
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    Stacy A.

    Alex is very good in math because my daughter has struggled for the last two years. She was never confident in math and always hated it but since shes been going to Alex, shes now doing her homework alone and is confident in her work. Shes more excited learning math now and seems more interested. She just took a finals recently and were waiting to get her score. Fingers crossed:)
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    December 28, 2018
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    Gill C.

    December 12, 2018
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    Ioanna L.

    He is very conscientious, knows the curriculum well, good at establishing a good rapport and knowledgeable.
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    November 19, 2018
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    Frequently asked questions

    Here is my SAT II Math score: 800/800 (100%)

    My overall SAT score is 1500/1600:

    CAASPP (California Assessments of Students Performance and Progress)
    Mathematics: 2862/2862 (100%)
    English Language Arts: 2795/2795 (100%)

    I spent summer 2018 working at John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and Camp Edventure More, where I taught students K-8 mathematics, physics, and programming. Currently, I work professionally as a teacher for Math and Language Arts at Eye Level Educational Center of Cupertino ( At my current job as a teacher, I lecture students ages Pre-K through 10th grade, giving customized tutoring sessions, and assisting students with math and/or English for 6 hours a day from Tuesday to Saturday, teaching about 20 students daily.

    A recent event I am fond of is how I dealt with an infamous student at my work place. My coworkers would often talk about this student, how he would never focus, how he would run around and do whatever he felt like, and would never get nearly as much work done as any other student. I however, when assigned to tutor him, was able to easily bring him under control, and the student was even able to finish the normal amount of classwork that is typically assigned. Suffice to say, my coworkers were very pleasantly surprised. Nowadays, I am typically assigned to tutor him, as my coworkers cannot seem to figure out how I work with the student.

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