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Read And Write With Britt

Offers online services
Offers online services


I have years of experience working with children and helping them learn, whether it be social/emotional or academic. I have unique insight into ADHD minds, as I myself have ADHD. I also have a great understanding of many other learning differences such as dyslexia, reading comprehension disorder and autism. I give each of my students my undivided attention and discover how they truly learn best. I ask myself which combination of kinesthetic, visual, auditory, and reading/writing teaching do my students need in order to thrive? I understand that students need to have a positive relationship with their teacher. Studies have shown that it fuels more engagement and self efficacy. My natural ability to connect with kids ensures a positive rapport. All of the knowledge, experience and skills I have listed set me apart from your average tutor. I hope to hear from you soon!

I love to see kids grow in their critical thinking and witness their confidence rise. There is no better feeling than knowing you are helping to shape the future, by helping kids learn.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

I begin by teaching the student four different ways, and then asking them which way they thought helped them understand the subject the most. This will give me insight on how to teach the student moving forward. I like to spend at least a few minutes at the start of every session getting to know the student and building rapport. Students tend to focus longer and give their best effort when they like their teacher. 

I have been trained in how to tutor children with learning differences such as ADHD, dyslexia, and autism. I tutored at a school for children with learning differences and I was a behavior coach for two years. Teaching academics is similar to teaching social/emotional skills. Both require knowledge in the subject, patience and authentic compassion. 

Pricing can differ from student to student. K-6 is thirty dollars an hour. 7-12 is twenty-five dollars an hour. It also depends on if am commuting and how far the commute is. My prices are always flexible though. 

I started teaching in highschool as a summer job. I worked with my schools tutoring program, helping first graders improve their reading and math skills. I loved seeing the improvement my students made, but more importantly, I loved seeing their confidence in themselves grow. 

I have worked with mostly K-6 students, but I have also worked with older students who's second language is English. I have also worked with many students with learning differences. The world calls them disablitites, but I prefer to use the word difference.

Recently, I left my job teaching at a middle school. Before I left many of the students wrote me letters and gave me a very sweet farewell. Seeing how much they cared about me made me very happy and proud.

Before hiring your tutor have a practice run. See how well they understand English and Writing. Pay attention to how well you understand what they're teaching. Once you've hired your tutor, if you don't feel comfortable when you're with them after 4 sessions or so, find a different tutor. 

I would think about how you like to be taught and ask the tutors you're thinking about hiring what their teaching style is. Does it match yours? I would also consider what your best learning environment is. Is it your home or do you prefer to get out of the house to learn? Can the tutor you're considering accommodate that? If you have any learning differences let them know and ask them about their experience teaching students with your learning difference. If they don't have any experience, find someone who does. 

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