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Offers online services


I took a semester off from UW-Madison and worked as a substitute aide to help in classrooms. I got to experience working with students kindergarten through high school (and it was very cool).

I've tutored for a few high school students before. I was often the person classmates went to for help in high school, so I have a fair amount of explanations stored up that were particularly effective in making concepts click for students.

What likely has me standing out from the crowd is my recognition between only explaining how to do a problem and identifying how to actually understand what approach to use. I'm REALLY astute with what to spend our sessions practicing so that I won't be needed anymore. I'll prepare materials between sessions to highlight strategies that make any future problems easier to approach. My hope is you'll be able to learn what to ask yourself, and between the internet and course materials you can start the problem and finish it without getting stuck. It's no secret that getting stuck leads to frustration and wanting to quit, so I'm going to do everything I can to keep that from happening to you.

As for why I like tutoring? I'm not too certain I really know! I guess the best parts of getting to know someone are all there: sharing experience, coming together to do more than we could alone, and having someone who "gets" you. I get to be patient, understanding, and curious—all the qualities I love to demonstrate. Come to think of it, what's not there to like :)


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Offers online services

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Elementary school, Middle school, High school

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General arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus


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tyler F.

Broke down everything I need to know and get into smaller detail so I understood how it happens(science) and also Alex made sure I understood everything and if I said no he would go over it again.
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June 14, 2023

Frequently asked questions

Rapport with students lets communication open up. We can be honest with our personal understandings and may even get a little excited for sessions if we become familiar and comfortable with each other. 

I've found learning about students to be uniquely helpful. Of course we'd get to clarifying the strengths and weaknesses (they are excellent for changing our learning approach so the strengths can build the weaknesses), but even questions to start like "What do you do for fun?" help make analogies to the material and set the tone for comfortable interactions. Our interactions being awkward and impersonal is no good; we want to be sure there is trust that we understand each other, so when we educate each other about our approaches we take the suggestions to heart and believe they will help.

Our first session or two we can do some small practice questions so I can see how you solve problems. Our aim is for you to know how to breeze through problem sets all on your own!

I went to UW-Madison for 3 semesters studying Chemical Engineering. I decided I'd rather do something more academically focused, so I worked as a substitute aide in special education for K-12 schools near Muskego. I have tutored a few high school students privately as well.
I've found $25 an hour to be a decent starting point. I don't have outstanding credentials, so I'd like to earn trust at whatever rate you're comfortable with.
In high school, I lead a small study session for my classmates. They helped me with English, History, and Spanish; and I helped with Math, Chemistry, and Physics.
I've privately tutored general education high school students and assisted special needs students K-12. I can work with any starting point the student is at.
I play card games like Magic: the Gathering when I can. I made a game inspired by a few of them and it has been really well received in my local circles.
Ideally, you're hoping to make your class easier. Regardless of whether future application of the material is important to you, conceptual understanding of what you're memorizing is a key component to both ends. For instance, you could memorize the periodic trends; instead, have your teacher help you understand why the trends are observed. You'll find that understanding the properties of the atom make the trends self explanatory. Furthermore, future topics will be partially understood already. Ask your teacher to help you not need them anymore, since you'll know what they know.
My favorite teachers would ask about the problems I got wrong, wondering what about the involved topics didn't yet click for me. If any of your teachers aren't already doing that, I've gotten some of my teachers to start that practice by telling them what topics I could find in the questions I got wrong. Since they'd realize what I missed considering, they would know what would help me. Ask yourself what you wished teachers would ask you, then tell the teacher what you find out.

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