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I try to reduce Math anxiety by helping students break the work down to steps, while seeing the big picture for context.

Students have told me that I explain Math concepts very clearly, and can identify and address specific areas that they are having trouble with. I try to explain in a very respectful way, and in a way that students can understand and remember.

In addition to face-to-face meetings I allow an occasional phone call, so help can be given when needed between meetings.

I have helped many students who said they "just didn't get Math" develop a firm understanding and more confidence than they had before.

Realizing that Math is very important to students' futures in any career area, it is rewarding to see students understand topics that they are having trouble with.

Sometimes a Math course can be an obstacle for a student who does very well in other courses. Reducing that barrier is enjoyable.

I enjoy seeing students, especially those who might have had trouble with Math in the past, get more comfortable using Math.

For students who had no prior problems with Math, and feel that they might have hit a "ceiling" now, helping them break through an obstacle or two is rewarding.


Serves Brookfield, WI

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Identify learning needs, standards, and plan for addressing those needs.
Meetings could be weekly or more often, at a convenient, safe, quiet place like a library.
Answer questions that the student has, and clarify understanding of their curriculum materials.
Meet with the student, coach them along their learning path, and would be available for help between meetings.

A degree in Mechanical Engineering, and several graduate level Math courses. I have been teaching Math at Waukesha County Technical College since 2000.

I worked for 15 years in manufacturing, and helped numerous employees improve their Math skills before starting at the Technical College.

Find someone who can relate well to you, so you discussions will be most efficient.

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