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Offers online services


I absolutely love English, maths and physics! Furthermore, with my passion I have scored an A in IGCSE and a 6 at the IB-DP International baccalaureate diploma program

As of now, I am living in Saudi Arabia but I am Singaporean (10 years). I have been lucky enough to always study at private international schools like the British international school, nexus international and Canadian international and thus you will get a private school type experience


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John S.

Awesome teacher! He really knows his stuff, and thanks to him I have been able to move my score from a C to a B in 1 month
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August 16, 2020

Arisha M.

Love his teaching style and the way he is able to teach me to turn my sentences and phrases to be more vivid and descriptive.
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August 16, 2020

Frequently asked questions

The first thing I do is talk to them. I talk because in the end, we are all human. English is a subject that should be deeply embedded and as I talk to the person, I gain an understanding of their habits, their personality their goals and their syllabus. 

As of the second lesson, I expect the student to have completed the homework. In the second lesson, I look through their work with them and I take 1 paragraph. I take that paragraph and I guide them on the method to improving it. I help them add metaphors, similes, alliteration, and any other thing they may need improving on.

As we come to an end on their work, I teach them a trick unique to my students that will help them solve their mistakes before they make them!

I absolutely love English and with my passion, I have scored an A in IGCSE and a 6 at the IB-DP international baccalaureate diploma program. On top of this, I have had to years of private teaching experience and 1 year working for an institute

My hourly rate is US$50 and I offer deals for bulk payments :

2 hours : $95 instead of 100

4 hours : $180 instead of $200

8 hours : $360 instead of $400

16 hours : $700 instead of $800 (Most popular as students LOVE my lessons)

I was in my English class one day (back when I was doing my IG's) and as the teacher talked I fell in love with the subject. I loved the rules, the vocab, and the inherent complexity in forming meaningful, descriptive but simple sentences. 

With my love, I started teaching my peers for free. Always being at the top of my grade, everyone wanted my help. As I talked to them, I began to truly love teaching English! 

All of a sudden, building a passion for it, I began teaching professionally. I first taught for an institute and soon, when I felt I was ready, I started teaching privately too.

I have worked with students of EVERY kind. I have worked with grades moving up from the 6th all the way to the 12th. Most of my students are hard-working and they do everything as asked (in the end they do improve tremendously). But of course, just like any teacher, I have had those who were not as willing. this was especially so when I taught for free. 

When I was teaching for free, I normally helped those who were scoring D's (fail). Thanks to my help (and for the fact I was always over them, forcing them to do the work) they all ended up getting B's in the finals and 1 even got an A.

In my opinion, never go cheap when it comes to language. Normally, the better qualified a teacher is, the higher their price will be. Thus, I recommend that as you find an English teacher, look for one that has what you require. If you are an adult, look for someone (like me) who has had experience in teaching adults (believe it or not, they tend to be harder to teach than those under 18). Same goes for a kid, if you are a kid look for a person who had experience with kids (ME!).

They should think about what they expect. they should know what the want and they should make this clear to the teacher.

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