J. Jobe English Tutoring And Piano Lessons

J. Jobe English Tutoring And Piano Lessons

Offers online services
Offers online services


I earned a M.A. in English and subsequently taught middle and high school English for over ten years, including reading comprehension, grammar, composition, and both British and American literature.

While I enjoy teaching in the classroom, working one-on-one with a student allows me to figure out the student's learning style, assess weaknesses and strengths, and adjust to make learning successful and fun.

In addition, I also earned a B.A. in piano performance in college and delight in teaching beginner through advanced students the art of music-making at the piano.

I love reading. From an early age, my family made weekly visits to the public library, and I fell in love with books and the English language--how it works and how I can use it to express myself.

I love teaching, sharing my love for English and helping others to enjoy it. Working one-on-one gives time to really address problems that classroom teaching does not.

As a piano teacher, I enjoy watching a student learn how to express himself through music. It is fun--a true joy!


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

I introduce myself, and ask some questions about the student (age, interests, etc.) to begin developing a working relationship. The student needs to know I am interested in him/her as a person, not just in "fixing" their problem.

For English tutoring, the first step to helping the student is to assess what areas the student needs help in. I ask the student (and parent, if applicable) what frustrates him most and with what he most struggles. After that, I request to see current work the student has done with the help of others. 

After that, I usually find similar exercises to those I have been shown and work with the student on those to see how he or she does. (School work with parent or teacher help may not reflect the student's real ability.)

Then I source books, exercises, videos--a range of resources designed to strength the student's weakness. Using several methods will allow me to see how the student processes information and adjust my teaching to meet his needs. Too, I don't want to discourage the student. Some easy, some hard--a mix is best to keep the student encouraged and eager to learn.

A lesson ends by assessing what worked and what didn't. Did the student gain better skill? If so, is more work needed in that area? This assessment involves asking the student for input, as well as my taking notes about what worked and what needs more work. :)

B.A. in English from Pensacola Christian College

B.A. in Music, piano performance from Pensacola Christian College

M.A. in English from University of Richmond

Over 20 years of experience teaching private piano and 11 years teaching middle and high school English

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