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Offers online services
Offers online services


Hello, my name is Aaron Ware. I'm a Mechanical Engineering student at Dixie State University in southern Utah. Engineering is based around my three favorite things; Math, Creativity, and Psychology.

My service stands out because I have taught many different things to all kinds of people. More importantly, I put focus into one of the most important things that many tutors/teachers overlook: Everyone learns in a different way.

Also, I have managed two different businesses, and ran my own with multiple employees. Everything I have learned I have related to the real world, and the more I learn the more I understand everything around me. Knowing the content of what you're teaching is definitely a requirement, but it's more practical to be able to relate it to the real world. This idea helps comprehension and facilitates permanent retention.

-Graduated High School at 16.

-Graduated Trade School at 18. Deans list. Top of My Class.

-Managed Two Seperate Businesses.

-Owned My Own Company and Grew it to Over 400k/year in Sales.

-Enrolled in a Traditional University for Engineering, and Tested Out of Multiple Math Classes

Length of Time I've Taught the Following:

Math: 8 years

Psychology: 5 years

Creative Writing:5 years

Guitar: 10 years

Oil Painting: 5 years

Aside from that I can work around almost any schedule or budget.

The work I do is very important to me. Right now, I'm a full time college student and occasional tutor and/or life coach. Being the oldest of five, it has always fallen to me to explain things in a way my siblings would understand. I love learning, and I love people, so inevidably I love teaching people. To me, there is no better feeling than scratching your head looking at something, then it finally clicking for you to the point you can answer it. That moment where something goes from a different language, to something you understand and can answer, is priceless. When learning, you overcome. When teaching, you help others overcome.


2 employees
5 years in business
Serves St. George, UT
Offers online services

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    Joshua W.

    Good math tutor. Figured it out before the hour was over so we talked a little bit about college and what not.
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    March 18, 2019

    Sadie L.

    I got help from him with math on campus. He helped me a lot and actually helped me prepare to test out of a math class. There were a couple things he didnt know or wasnt familiar with and had to quickly learn, but he gave me extra time for that. Easily understandable, and relates parts of problems to different things to help me remember. Overall a very good tutor, will use again.
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    March 18, 2019

    Anthony T.

    I got help with self esteem and confidence issues. Aaron is a really good guy and has helped me a lot. My experience with him is at college and not on this website, but I can at least leave a review.
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    March 18, 2019

    Marla T.

    Aaron helped my son with psychology. It took a few minutes of them getting to know each other and then he was able to make metaphors my son was able to understand.
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    March 18, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    When working with a new student I like to first find out what they are studying and how they are currently being taught to do the work. A lot of times, I have found thinking outside the box and/or using other peoples techniques can make an exponential impact on a one's ability to comprehend the material. 

    Once I have an idea of what is being learned, and how it is being taught, I can start to try and gain insight to which learning method best fits my student; Then I can go ahead and help in a way that will help facilitate permanent retention. 

    I graduated high school when I was 16 in southern Louisiana, then had an associates degree by the time I turned 18. I graduated top of my class, and I also made it on the deans list. Afterwards I went into design, blueprinting, and metal work construction, in west Texas. By the time I was 22, I had relocated and owned a business in Austin Texas. The business started with just myself, but grew to the point I had three employees at any given time. We designed, built, maintained, and repaired swimming pools.

    In 2017 I sold that business and bought a place in southern Utah, to spend more time with my family. Once I made it to Utah, I got back into design and blueprinting as the manager of a company that built tiny homes.

    Not soon after, I had discovered the possibilities that a Bachelor's degree could open up for me in the fields I loved/would love to work in. I enrolled in Dixie State University as a full-time engineering student. Upon arrival I almost immediately started tutoring people in math, and doing self esteem and confidence training. I currently hold over a 3.0 GPA and have tested out of multiple math classes, and one psychology class.

    I am currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering with and minor in either Mathematics or Psychology.

    For my introduction into online tutoring, I will begin with a standard hourly price which will be subject to change in the future. All options are listed below, and are also subject to change.

    One Hour: $30

    Two Hours: $55

    One Hour a Week for a Month: $90

    Two Hours a Week for a Month: $160

    Something to note, I can work something out for any situation. If there is need for an amount of tutoring not listed, we can come up with a solution together.

    The answer to this question is difficult. I am the oldest of four boys and a girl. I have been teaching my younger siblings since I was a child. Being an expected leader in my family, and having a couple years on my siblings, I ended up teaching them a lot.

    Throughout elementary school and middle school I did everything I could to help my friends. It wasn't officially called "tutoring" however in essence that's what it was.

    I picked up guitar in middle school, and taught a lot of my friends various songs throughout the years. I still to this day teach people about guitar.

    In high school I started progressing faster than my peers and graduated a year and a half early. Afterwards in technical college, I graduated top of my class a semester early. It being a technical college (even though I ahead), I was still in the same shop as people who were one or two semesters behind me. In free time or during breaks I would sit and tutor my peers.

    Shortly after that, I started teaching myself to oil paint. After gaining experience over a year or so I started teaching friends and family how to oil paint. We even held small "classes" where I would go through a painting with a small group of people.

    About two years later I moved on and opened my own business which grew to doing over $400k/year in sales, and employed three people at any given time. During this time of my business, I was the first to train each newcomer. After I trained them for most issues they would run into, I had them train with the other employees. This method worked well, because I was able to teach the potential employee the way I found to do things fast and efficiently. They then got to see how everyone else did their job, and could decide what method worked best for them.

    When I started college, I became a tutor for math. I also got some tutoring in math subjects I have never learned, in an effort to test out of some classes. Unexpectedly, I also ended up doing confidence and self esteem coaching, which led into occasional psychology tutoring.

    Teaching people is something I've always loved. I feel that everyone is different when it comes to how they learn best. Getting to know someone, then helping them succeed, is something I've always been passionate about.

    I have worked with all kinds of people throughout my life. With guitar, I have taught people in kids ranging from 4 to 50. With painting, I taught mostly my younger brother, mother, and friends. With mathematics, I've taught kids as young as 3, and my peers who are currently in college.

    I have experience with all different ages, and types of people. How an individual learns is very important, and taking the time to find that isn't as common as it should be in traditional education.

    Recently my girlfriend's daughter and I were hanging out. I opened up a notebook from my book bag, handed her a pen, and told her she could study with me. She is 3 years old, so naturally she started scribbling. I was writing my name out and random words here and there, just looking mostly at my handwriting.

    She asked me, "what is that?"

    "That's my name sweetie, Aaron," I replied.

    She asked me to show her what her name looks like. So I wrote it out, "Ar'ii".

    I said "See! It's your name. Ar'ii. A, r."

    "My name doesn't start with A it starts with a R!" She quickly interrupted.

    I laughed then wrote my name next to hers, and said "look, mine start with an A, not Air, silly goose. The first letter is 'A', then the 'r', together they make Arrrrrrrr, like Arrrrrrrrr'ii."

    She laughed, ran to her mom, and said "My name starts like a, with a 'A' just like Aaron!!!"

    No matter what you're working on, there is a huge number of people who can teach it to you. However, they will all most likely be very plain, or very different from one another. Selecting a teacher is like selecting a friend. You have to respect them as an individual, and they have to inspire you to progress in life. If you take that mindset into selecting a teacher, you'll increase your chances of selecting someone who can teach in a way you'll understand. My advice is the main thing that has helped me succeed throughout my life; Make sure you pick a teacher who can teach the same thing, in many different ways. The only alternative is to find which method of teaching helps each individual student and apply that to how you teach each student. Unfortunately, in a classroom environment that is not an option. It would be far too time consuming. Which is why more permanent tutors and teachers are becoming more and more popular.

    In an effort to put your best foot forward I would make a note to ask yourself and/or your teacher about a few different things. 

    1.) For you (the student), what is the easiest subject for you to learn? Why?

    2.) What is the most enjoyable subject for the teacher to teach? Why?

    3.) Can the teacher explain something in a different way, if the first way doesn't make sense? Can the teacher relate the content to the real world in a way that is easily understandable?

    4.) Does this person truly care about his students, and what he is teaching? (This is something very important to think about before hiring a teacher. Putting thought into this can save you hours with someone who doesn't teach you as efficiently as possible.)

    5.) Do you, really want to learn? If you do, talk to someone who really wants to teach. 

    Think about these five questions, and possibly even ask questions about them. Just make sure you have them in your head before talking to a teacher. 

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