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I am a BYU Mathematics student in my third year. I graduated high school completing Calculus AB and BC both with a 5 on the AP exam. I have been a tutor all throughout this time not only to peers but to younger children in college as well as back in high school. While at school I took a tutoring class to learn professional level tutoring skills and practices. I have loved every moment I get to teach others about the passion of my life. I travel for school which means that I am available from Provo to Salt lake to meet in your home for no extra cost.


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Frequently asked questions

I make sure that everyone I tutor is doing all of the work. I'm not there to give them the answers but to motivate them to find that answer and guide them when they are lost. I see math like an exercise of the mind. You never can grow muscles if your spotter lifts the bar for you everytime. I determine the needs of each student and focus on understand there learning style to best help them.

I am a mathematics major at BYU. I graduated high school with a 5 on my Calculus AB and BC Exam and recieved a 31 on the math section of the ACT. I have tutored on average 4 hours a week every semester of my college experierence to peers at BYU. My senior year of hich school I started a tutoring program where we helped middle school students in their math assignment that I would consider my magnum opus of my high experience. 

I have a base price of $40 dollars per hour but this is variable depending on the needs of the tutee and other accomodations. I am willing to negotiating this price on an individual basis.

I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge of mathematics with others and seeing the joy in someone's face when a concept finally "clicks." My first official tutoring expereince started in High School as part of my time in the Math Honor society at my High School.

I have worked with students from grades K-12 and beyond. A high school teacher that I had asked me to tutor her child in 1st grade which I did for pay. I tutored middle school students as part of a program I started in high school. At the same time I tutored peers in high school and have continued to do so in college.

As part of the tutoring program that I started there was one student placed under my care who was so shy that he never spoke in class. I first met him and he would never say a word. We worked together in groups and slowly he became more comfortable and one day he walked past me an said hello. This meant so much to me because I could see that this program wasn't just about helping with math but building relationships with the people I tutored. I believe that knowledge is best obtained by those you trust and that is why I try to understand the personal learning strategies of each student and how I can help them. Trust will grow and it will help the student be more comforatble during sessions and be more willing to make mistakes and learn.

Find someone that understands the way you learn. It doesn't matter if the person teaching you knows everything in the world. If they don't speak your language you will never understand a thing. 

Ask yourself if you have struggled enough before asking for help. Learning is an excercise and if you don't struggle a little you will never grow. Before asking for help with from a teacher you need to sit there and think for a bit and it might start to hurt a little but that is your brain learning. Then if you still don't get it ask for help.

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