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Offers online services


I am a professional scientst that loves to teach. I have a Ph.D in chemistry. I help homeschool my kids. I tutor about 3-6 hundred hrs per year through various websites. I tutor chemistry through college, AP physics and algebra 1and 2. I am patient and have learned to adapt explanations to learning style. This skill is best developed through hours of one on one interacting with students.

I love to teach. If it paid better I would do it fulltime. Your student will learn from someone excited about the subject.


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Violet G.

Mr. Mueller is very knowledgeable. My son always comes out feeling confident that he understands what he needs to for his Chemistry class. My son said, “ He makes a good, relaxed environment that facilitates learning.”
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October 17, 2018
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Frequently asked questions

I find out what the students interests are.  Then typically will ask about the chemistry class and the teacher.  I don't assume they have a bad teacher.  Most teachers are good but may not be "connecting" with the student.  I work to build an understand of material they are struggling with and help them get a good score on their next quiz/test.  Confidence is the key.  Usually, within a few sessions they are ahead of the teacher so they can follow the lecture.  

I have a Ph.D. in chemistry and have tutored my whole career.  I have two children in Pre-AP chemistry right now.  I also homeschool and am active.  

Depending on geography I charge between $40 and $50 per hour.  

I tutured through graduate school and then homeschool my children.  I enjoy teaching.  I am a professional scientist. 

I have work with exception students and with students with mild learning challenges.  I have patience and work to keep engaged to the student.  

I would ask for a reference and also try a couple of tutors before locking in on one.  Match to learning style is important.  

First and formost, be respectful.  Most teachers are very good and want what is best for you.  Personalize and ariculate what you need and don't react immediately if you don't feel you get what you asked for.  Discuss it with your parents and/or your tutor.  Teachers have a demanding job.  Often, just giving them some time and maybe communicating again will convince them how hard you are trying.  I have found that teachers love to help the students that they percieve as putting in the effort.  

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