Double First Consulting

Double First Consulting

Offers online services
Offers online services


To whom it may concern,

I am thrilled that you are considering me to assist your loved one in furthering their education. Education is the backbone of the society in which we live and the means by which you can become truly successful.

My dedication and personal investment into your loved one will ultimately cultivate personal growth and academic results. I have experience tutoring students ranging from elementary math to sophmore AP World History. I also hold many memberships and accomplishments from academic organizations. I am a member of Mu Alpha Theta (math honor society), National Honor Society, and a Dance Officer on varsity drill team. My awards include: Optimist Club's Young Texann, Academic All District 6A, Top 5% of my class, citizenship awards, selection for the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Award of Excellence, and nomination to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum.

Thank you for considering me to fill this critical role in your loved one's educational career.

Please connect with me through:

Twitter- @melyndanoelle

Email- [email protected]

To whom it may concern,

I am very excited at the possibility of working with your loved one due to the success my academic assistance will bring them. My passion for helping others meet their academic goals is inspired by my own dedication and commitment to my own academic achievement. I have worked very hard to fufill my dream of going to one of the country's top D1 universities, through the enrollment in 10 AP classes throughout the course of my high school career, and maintaining my rank in the top 5% of my 700+ student class.

The opportunity to lead others also inspires my passion for this work. The ability to foster success in another individual due to your leadership skills is a very rewarding thing. I have a strong background in leadership from my membership in Christian Leadership Council, to my attendance at the National Student Leadership Forum on Health and Medicine, to my Dance Officer position on my Varsity Drill Team.

In the end, I hope my passion and enthusiasm for the promotion of academic success will lead the the further cultivation of your loved one's personal and academic growth.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

When working with a new student I first begin with an assessment into why they are struggling in a particular area.

Is it due to lack of understanding? Misunderstanding? Lack of structure and motivation? Unsure of productive study methods?

Or could the core problem be completely non-academic, and more personal or family related?

Once understanding the core reasons behind their lack of success I will begin to evaluate their current academic status in the specific area/subject. 

From their I will customize a plan to cultivate their academic success.

I am currently a Senior in high school who ranks within the top 5% of a class with over 750 students.

I have taken 5 AP classes with the intentions of taking 5 more my senior year, I also have taken 7 honors/pre-AP courses. 

I have experience ranging from elementary school math to sophmore AP World History. 

My pricing ranges from $15 - $25 per hour depending on:

> Travel time and expenses.

> Preparation time and supplamentary materials.

> Variable Scheduling.

I have worked with students ranging in age from elementary to sophmores/juniors in high school. I have tutored in subjects ranging from elementary math and grammar to high school AP World and U.S. history.

Do not be embarassed or ashamed that you struggle in a specific area or do not understand a concept. The world of academia is difficult to navigate and everyone needs a support system to be successful.

Don't be afraid to reach out to me via:

Twitter- @melyndanoelle

Email- [email protected]

Why do believe I am struggling, and what can I do to better improve myself? (Self-motivation is key for academic success!)

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