BA, MA, 30 Years Experience, Trained D.C. Diplomats

BA, MA, 30 Years Experience, Trained D.C. Diplomats

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Excellent international services since 1992 Please see the tutor's numerous reviews at

Fee:$50.hour. The tutor, Gabriela N. Anderson, is certified and has provided top-notch services to numerous international clients for the past 30 years. Throughout her career in the United States and Europe, she has helped not only diplomats and corporate students, but also many children and teenagers. Gabriela is the lead expert in her private firm, firm DIPLOMAT languages Inc. (The School of European Languages and Art, Dallas-Fort Worth) and she offers private lessons at multiple locations and on flexible schedules. One-on-one lessons as well as group lessons can be delivered in our office, in students’ homes, at public libraries, and at other locations. If you are looking for a truly effective language instruction service by a highly qualified teacher/tutor, please view Gabriela's website at (where you'll also find connections to her LinkedIn and Facebook profiles). You can be sure to receive prompt assistance delivered with impeccable professionalism.


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Offers online services

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    Making Italian fun
    I was finding it hard to transition to speaking even though I was doing well in learning vocabulary and reading. Gabriela really helped and we had fun in the process!
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    April 09, 2019


    Customized tutoring
    With hardly 2 weeks left for ACT, I wanted to get someone to help my daughter with Reading and English parts of the ACT test. Gabriela quickly put together a customized program, after meeting the first time that included homework outside of tutoring hours. After the second meeting (4 hrs total tutoring time), my daughters practice tests saw a significant improvement (between 8 to 10 points). She was able to apply all strategies that Gabriela taught her. I highly recommend Gabriela for any of language help she provides but would personally recommend her for Reading and English sections of standardized testing. I feel she is highly skilled in customizing a tailored program for the student rather than a one size fits all approach.
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    April 09, 2019


    Extremely knowledgeable and helpful tutor!
    After only a few lessons, I am able to grasp more of the French language than I have been able to by using a program like Rosetta Stone or by studying on my own. Each lesson is personalized and she takes the time to slow down and explain difficult concepts when needed. One of the wonderful things about Gabriela is that she understands what is like to learn French herself, which makes her very relatable as an instructor. She has so much experience in a variety of settings and different types of students, and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn French!
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    April 09, 2019

    Sarah, G.

    Knowledgeable and patient tutor
    The lesson included reading, writing, phonics, and vocabulary. My daughter had fun and was learning at the same time. She is very excited for her next lesson. We are very blessed to have found Gabriela. She is very kind and really loves what she does.
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    April 09, 2019

    Greg, G.

    Our daughter had only two lessons with Gabriela and she already has a better understanding of many of the fundamentals she has missed in high school. She has also gained much needed confidence! Thank you!
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    April 09, 2019

    Debbie P.

    “I’ve taken Italian with Gabriela for two years and made 2 trips to Italy during that time. Her lessons were invaluable, especially in Sicily, where there is very little English spoken. Gabriella is very charming and makes learning fun. If you truly want to learn Italian, I recommend lessons with Gabriella. You will feel so much more confident speaking when in Italy.”
    Debbie (homemaker, U.S.- Italian dual citizenship applicant)
    Italian Immersion, ongoing courses 2015, 2017, 2018
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    March 11, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    This is the method I've been using on Wyzant since 2010:

    Once the student has found my profile and contacted me or he/she responds to my email message via the system), we schedule a meeting or phone conference to discuss lesson details; afterwards, we meet, I deliver the lesson, and the student is charged via the agency system. Most of the time, we work based on a personalized curriculum I design for each student. Students who find my through my own advertizing or various referrals must usually pay me in advance for 8 hours. Most of my lessons last 2 hours to ensure strong results from the start. I adjust my style to fit each student's goals and study pace.

    My main certifications and tutoring experience are in:

    English, French, Italian (languages and cultures)



    Human Geography, European History, World History

    Art (theory and practice)

    International Business

    My college and post-graduate qualifications are these:

    B.A. in English (UK and US)

    M.A. in International Studies & Business

    Certified in 40 English-based subjects via Wyzant Tutors, Global LT (teaching) and Certified Language Interpreters (science interpretation). 

    French and Italian studies (MA degree; prior to college, I was raised with 3 languages: French, Italian, English and studied/lived in France and Italy) 

    30 years of working as a teacher and language expert at university and research center levels; I also provided certified simultaneous interpreting for business, legal, and medical fields. 

    20+ years of business-ownership experience (EU and USA)

    My fees are between $45/hour (basic tutoring) to $120/hour (LSAT test prep); most of my lessons are priced at $50/hour for intensive instruction or $55/hour for subject immersion courses in subjects like English Grammar, SAT, French, Italian, AP European History, etc.

    Depending on individual contract terms (distance or traffic to the area, weekends) I may add a $5/trip commute fee.

    I was raised with 3 foreign languages (French, Italian, English) in S. Romania before moving with my family to Naples, Italy; as such, I started giving lessons to children when I was still in high school. During my college years and afterwards, I continued perfecting the private tutoring methods I had acquired and I diversified my skills to help growing numbers of students.

    Through agencies and my private firm, I have provided lessons to students of all ages: the youngest was 2 years old, the oldest was 74. Most of my students have been elementary school and high school students; and I have often provided corporate language training at large firms in the EU and the United States. In recent years, I have trained entire families via Global LT, a relocation agency.

    Once a year, I offer a European Foods Event to my most recent students of French, Italian, and ESL in my private Grapevine office. I offer them home-baked foods that I prepare the night before or while the students are present; and together we share impressions of our travels. This event is very enjoyable and has always helped me build a strong referral base for my service (which, in turn, has benefitted agencies I'm affiliated with: whenever my students sought subjects I don't teach e.g. Math, Science, I've referred them to the agencies I know).

    Choose someone highly experienced and ultra-effective (like myself). A good teacher-student fit is very important for a student to maximize the results of his/her investment; unlike many tutors, I do have significant experience in customizing my curriculum or lesson to fit a student's pace, personality, and goals.

    Tutoring is costly and I have frequently spoken with students who felt they wasted time & funds for years with inadequate training before starting a course with me that actually helped them reach their goals within months....

    I will provide two examples of useful pondering:

    Q1: What nationality should my French (Italian, English, etc) teacher have so that I can be ensure I get the best lessons?

    A1: Hiring the best tutor should be a judicious individual process; it should never be based on stereotypical ideas such as "To learn French I must hire a native French person with a BA/PhD degree in French". The person who can help you the most is one who knows the target-language AND your language very well (e.g. grew up speaking French and English in the family+schools, even if not always located in France and the UK/USA); this way you can receive thorough comparative explanations and tips to help you memorize the words. A teacher's personality is also a key to successful courses; a teacher's cultural passion, sensitivity, patience, and insightfulness can help a student progress easily. Moreover, language studies in the EU often employ a philological method that helps students memorize new words much faster, so learning from a properly-qualified veteran European teacher familiar with European philology and linguistics can be a big plus when you have questions and want more helpful answers than "because that's how it is."

    Q2: How soon will I see results in my target-language (e.g. French)?

    A2: Look for above-average methods (how long will it take the teacher to get you to UNDERSTAND & speak French? -- don't ask only "When will I speak...? because it is easier to make yourself understood by the French than to understand them correctly...). I've heard people say "I understand some French" -- but if you understand a few words, yet you miss the correct meaning of the sentence ... it's not OK:). Too may courses focus on "speaking" but don't train students enough for listening comprehension. A good course should have substance, dedication (is your teacher going to help you with many sources outside your session, including French movies, songs, culture, books, etc?), and it should also be customized to cover your speaking and understanding needs.

    Services offered