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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have always loved teaching people how to solve math problems without giving them the answer.

I believe in asking questions to point out parts of problems and developing a student's intuition and understanding of math concepts.

I have taught math for five years for a high school. I have taught physics, computer science, engineering and more. I am a versatile teacher and what makes me stand out is my approachability and patience with students learning.

Teaching is highly rewarding because I know that I am helping someone create something in their mind. This thing is knowledge and can be used any time. The bond between student and teacher is special and important and I will cherish it always.


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    Frequently asked questions

    When working with a student I tend to first ask what they know on the concept we are trying to learn. Then I will see what type of problems they are being asked and which ones they are having trouble with. Usually I will know what skills they need to work on at this point, such as factoring or dividing exponents properly. 

    From here I walk them through an example problem I make up and I explain all of my steps and logic. I also walk through why I am allowed to do each step mathematically. Usually students learn properties of algebra better when they understand why it works instead of just accepting it blindly. 

    After this we work on a problem they have with me monitoring them the whole through. If they get stuck I will ask them what they think is next in the process. I let them make all their mistakes, if there are any, till the end. I would rather focus on the new learning and fix any minor math errors afterward. If it is done wrong we do it again until we get it right then move to the next one. 

    At the end of the lesson I will usually ask them what we learned and give them one or two easy questions to make sure they get it. After this I will tell them the amount of practice they need to be highly successful at perfecting this concept.

    I have a bachelor's degree in math teaching and am finishing a master's degree in physics. 

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