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Offers online services
Offers online services


Having taught most of the math subjects on the high school level, and tutored succesfully all the way up to Calculus 2, along with a good level of fluidity with technology I can help complete homework assignments, prepare for test and help students get ready for their next day of class.

I like the tutoring end more than I enjoy the classroom teaching, because with tutoring everyday is a suprise with what material I will get to cover, I have also spent time working in many fields, from construction to food service and even the amazon warehouse and seen how math can apply to these careers and how to help people apply the material they are learning.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

Typically I will start with their homework, and see how much of it is completed, see what they are working on, going off that i can generally see where the students teacher is going to be headed, through this i can help not only get the student caught up but also help them  to get ahead of where their teacher is.

I have been a teacher in the east texas area for going on 6 years, and have been a tutor for nearly 7 years.

I have degree in secondary math education, with college hours in chemestry and physics.

I got started into teaching back in high school, when i realized that i was relatively good at explaining math problems to my friends, It has snowballed a bit since then, and I have learned a lot more with plenty more to learn in the future.

I have worked with students from all walks of life low socio-economic to the high socio class, athletes, future mechanics, and several that want to be statisticians.

Going to my Uncles garage in Iowa, being able to see and touch what genuine success looks like, 4 corvettes, a mustang mach 1 and an el camino, all housed in a carriage house that resembles a museum. I don't get to spend much time with that uncle since he travels a lot and its nice to have a common ground that we can talk about and enjoy when he is there.

make sure to take your notes and assignments with you, and if you can your teachers e-mail so the tutor can contact them to keep them on the same page.

Have I actually thought about the problem, it happens so often that students use I dont know how to do this as a cop out, because they don't want to do this.

What have I done to complete this problem, A lot of problems stem from the student expectecting someone to just do the whole problem for them, when they haven't even written anything.

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