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    Jimmy S.

    She is tutoring me right now and really helpful. I wouldnt be able to learn without her. Very helpful
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    May 25, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    I always want to understand as much as I can about the student's needs.  I never want to jump into something without understanding how I can help.  Once I know what the student needs, then I like to start planning our strategy, and I like to have their input.  I like to know what they think the most important thing is that they need and start there.  If I think we might need to start at a different place, I will let them know and tell them why I think so.  It's always important to lay the proper foundation.  Once we have a plan in mind, then we work together.  We look for the best possible way to learn what has to be mastered, and we work hard, but we work smart.

    I attended the University of Iowa where I received my BA in Classics (Latin, Greek, ancient history, mythology) and English. I began tutoring during my freshman year in college at the request of a professor.  I have been tutoring ever since.  I began teaching in the classroom in 2005. I went on to earn my teaching certificate in Texas in 2009.  I taught all levels of Latin as well as junior high and highschool English.  I now homeschool my children, and I tutor in my free time as well as on my Youtube channel.

    I charge 35 dollars per hour unless the travel is extensive (more than 15 miles).  In those cases, I charge 40 dollars per hour in order to defray the cost of travel.

    I always enjoyed tutoring, and at first, I wanted to be a Latin professor.  When I saw how difficult it was to secure permanent positions in Classics as a professor, I decided to look into high school teaching positions.  When I was offered my first teaching position, I was scared--excited, but scared.  But my students were amazing.  I have had so much fun teaching kids to learn and to have fun while learning.  I am so proud of so many of my students who have reached out to me after being in my class, and ever since my first year of teaching, I have known that this is what I am made to do.  It is something I know I can do to impact lives.  

    I have worked with pre-k to adults.  I have taught some special needs students.  The vast majority of my experience is with junior high through college level students.  

    I am tutoring a student in Biblical Greek currently, and he recently was able to begin reading 1 John in Greek, and I was so happy that I could be part of what was very exciting for him, given that last year he couldn't have imagined what he can now do.  

    Find a teacher who gives you the right balance of encouragement and challenges you at the same time.  I think the biggest challenge is feeling encouraged while you are working hard.  It's so important. If you only ever get encouraged but never challenged, you won't grow.  If you are only ever challenged, but you feel rotten all the time, you won't learn, and you'll despair.  It's really important to find someone who raises the bar and cheers you on as you try to rise up.

    What do I need (top five specific needs)?  Don't just say, "I need to write a paper."  That's pretty vague.  Say, "I need to write a paper, and I am struggling to use the right vocabulary".  Or say, "I need to come up with three supporting arguments for this paper, but I am not sure how to create supporting arguments."

    How much time do I need with my tutor?  It's really important to consider how much attention you need.  If you're preparing for the SATs, and you're just lost, one time a week might not be enough.  If you're working on learning grammar, one time a week is probably sufficient, provided you are doing your part at home.  Be honest with yourself, and ask for what you know you need.

    How dedicated am I to learning this?  I hate to say it, but not every student I've ever had has been dedicated.  I have had no-shows, and students who didn't work on the work outside of our sessions.  It's not so much a problem for me, but if you're not dedicated, you're probably wasting your money.  If you're going to pay for someone to help you, get all you can from the experience.

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