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Amanda Pfeiffer English/Writing/College Essay Tutoring



I have been a high school English teacher for 12 years. I am well-aware of the demands on teenagers in high schools and colleges in the country at this moment. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education from The University of Texas at Ausitn. I also have a Master's in Education from Concordia University, Texas. I am young, energetic, passionate, and positive. I have taught SAT preparation and college essay writing for many years. I am certified to teach 8-12 English, Language Arts, and Reading. I feel confident that I can help and assist even the most reluctant of students to write and express himself/herself.


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Frequently asked questions

1. Personal Inventory: My goal is to get to know the student - right away. I will ask the student a few questions about himself/herself - goals, hobbies, favorites, etc. My goal is to tap into interests, passions, experiences, etc. that will help serve the purpose of the tutoring session. 

2.Goal-Setting/Final Product:  Next, after getting to know the students, my goal is to set the expectations and goals for the tutoring session. I will have the student articulate the goal and "final product" desired for the tutoring session. Essentially, he/she will tell me what he/she hopes to accomplish that day. Also, we will set a g

3. Materials Check - Check to make sure that student has everything he/she needs for the session. Take a moment to ensure that all prompts, materials, books, handouts, papers, writing utensils, etc. are accessible for student. Retrieve and/or obtain any and all needed materials for session. 

4. Get to work! Begin working together on the established task and/or goal for the tutoring session. I will ask many questions that encourage critical thinking and prompts for getting ideas produced for various writing tasks. 

**Some students need a short mental break when it comes to writing labor-intensive essays; these I will allow on a needs basis.**

My teacher certification for English, Lang. Arts, and Reading directly correlates to my expertise as a one-on-one tutor. I am able to tutor in the very subjects I have taught in a classroom setting for 12 years. I have also tutored my own students in my school for the past 12 years in a one-on-one setting as well. 

My master's degree is in Education Administration. During my master's studies, I learned a more in-depth approach to teaching and tutoring best-practices that involve the metacognitive benefits of one-on-one tutoring as well as the psychologial needs of students of all ages in this same setting. 

$30/hour for a session

I started teaching immediately upon graduating from college. I was hired to teach before my actual graduation commencement in May! I have been teaching at the same school ever since because I love what I do and I love my students; it has been 12 amazing years of teaching for me! 

I have worked with students that are just out of middle school to graduating seniors; so, a wide range of ages. 

I am always open to tutoring adults as well as younger students all the way down to the 6h grade. 

A recent even that I am proud of is being awarded The Socrates Teaching Award by the student counci at my school in February. The award was given to a teacher to who exemplifies Socratic ideals, principles, that encourage students to be ethical leaders and thinkers as well as critical thinkers. I was so honored to receive the award and had no idea it was occuring - the surprise was so special to me. The group of students that nominated me arrived at my classroom during a lesson and awarded me a plaque, flowers and a banner for my classroom. 

Be sure you hire a tutor that has a great deal of expertise in his/her subject area. The more that a tutor knows or has to offer about a subject area the more likely the success of the student will be. Likewise, look for a tutor to be proficient in his/her writing skills, in particular. A tutor that can write well is likely to be able to speak well and most likely reads well and often - all of which are highly desirable for an English/Writing tutor. If a tutor has been exposed to various styles of writing and expression the more he/she can utilize this knowledge and convey that to the student. 

1. What specific product do I want to walk away with after my tutoring session?

2. Can I achieve what I want in just one tutoring session or will it require multiple sessions?

3. Have I done any work on my own in preparation for this session? 

4. Am I prepared to think out loud and get to know my tutor in order to help me achieve success?

5. Am I ready to be talkative and optimistic?

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