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Kati’s Elemetary Tutoring

Offers online services
Offers online services


I not only teach students; I get to know students' interests so that I can relate them to the topics at hand. I always have a patient and understanding mindset, working hard to build students' confidence in their knowledge. My experience includes 6 months of volunteer tutoring in high school and 6 months as a paid tutor for this platform in the past.

I enjoy helping students to learn, seeing them grow, and seeing their confidence increase as their knowledge does. I enjoy learning myself, so passing on that joy brings me joy for myself as well. I enjoy bonding with students through knowledge and learning.


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7 years in business
Serves St Paul , MN
Offers online services

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Credit Card, Cash, Check, Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle


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Pre-kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school

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General arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry

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Frequently asked questions

Within the first session, I typically begin by getting to know the student and gauging their interests (hobbies, friends, clubs, favorite animals/colors, toys, etc). I will ask them what subjects they enjoy most and least, and which subjects they feel the most and least confident in when completing homework and tests. I will also look at the homework the teachers provide to see what specifically the student is working on. Once I have an idea of this information, I will create exercises for the student to work on during our next session, and if necessary may provide one or two SHORT assignments for the student to complete. These exercises incorporate additional learning tools we may discuss, as well as topics that interest the student so as to keep their interest. 

I have tutored students in the past; I spent a couple of months tutoring my peers in high school, and 6 months previously tutoring elementary students through this site
My minimum payment request is for $17/hour. This wage is for engaging with students during our sessions and taking the extra time outside of class to create lesson plans for each student.
I got started tutoring through community service tutoring my peers in high school. I gained a huge love for helping others learn, and began teaching 3-6 grade while I was in college.
I have worked with a diverse set of students, all of them great people! And all of their grades improved after our sessions. In high school I worked with students in 8th-12th grade, and during my time in college I worked with students in 3rd-6th grade. I mainly taught math and reading, although I was able to teach other subjects such as science, geography, and history as well for elementary aged students.
I love the idea of the Little Free Library that is opening up - I believe it will help many students to learn even more and enhance their education!
Find a teacher who you feel has your best interests at heart, someone who takes your likes and hobbies into account when teaching you, and someone who is patient with you. Also make sure that the way that they teach is catering to your needs as a student - don’t be afraid to advocate for anything you need from a teacher!
What is the best way that I can learn? Do I learn best verbally, visually, or kinetically (by doing what I am learning)? Do I like how my teacher approaches me and our lessons? Do they truly care about if I learn this? Can I understand my teacher as they’re teaching me?

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